Young West Enders: Hussain Ali - Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The Capsule Competition for Schools was open to primary and secondary schools across Scotland and the winners' poetry, paintings and writing was cermonially buried in a capsule, which is not to be opened for 1000 years.

Those of you, who can't wait that long can read Hussain Ali's poem here:

Halal Burgers

My poem will be simple
In fact it should be neat
As I write to ask a favour
To get burgers with Halal meat

Now Burger King, McDonald's,
Wimpey and KFC
This could be a cash earner
So the idea belongs to me

I like my life in Scotland
Which I really think is fun
And I wonder as it's Scotland
Why can't I get my burger in a bun?

For all I want is Halal meat
I dinnae think it's fair
The burgers that I cannae eat
They sell them everywhere

I don't want anything special
I would like good old Beef
Killed the proper Halal way
would remove a lot of grief

There are many cultures
Of which I'm sure you know
But all of us poor Muslims
Would like Halal food "to go"

I know McD's is trying
What about the rest?
I like to go for take-aways
But for me Halal is best

McD's has tried Chinese
and Indian for you
Why don't you try Halal neat
so I can taste it too

I've been all around the globe
Where I can get my meat
They have it in McDonald's
At the end of every street

My sisters like a Happy Meal
But only for the toy
they drink their juice and eat their chips,
the meat the can't enjoy

There is a large community
Of Muslims in the West End
And if you serve them Halal meat
You'll be their bestest friend

Having read this, I'm sure you will ask
Jings! how much will this cost?
I know you will be happy to hear
There willl be no profits lost
Now you may think I'm a moocher
as you read about my plight
Because my Dad's a Halal Butcher
I know he'll see you right

Hussain Ali, (Age 13), Springburn Academy