The Bluesbunny music reviews

The Bluesbunny music reviews

Monday 29 Oct 2012

Rachel Sermanni, Beerjacket, Michael Cassidy

Photo: the arches. Live at The Arches, Glasgow ( 12 October 2012 )

I suppose it had to happen eventually. I walked straight on by an untidy boy on stage strumming artlessly through some grey songs assuming that he was soundchecking. But no, it was Michael Cassidy doing it for real and, being better informed than I, the audience duly applauded at the end of his set. Manners are so important, aren't they?

Fortunately for me, it was obvious that Beerjacket was a performer. He didn't need an introduction so there wasn't one. He was wearing a check shirt, but did so ironically. He also sings to horses, apparently, which must be nice if you are a horse. He is, of course, a sensitive singer songwriter from this sceptred isle and that is about all you need to know should you want to give him, with or without his ukulele, a listen.

Rachel Sermanni, however, was a whole different kettle of fish. She seemed dreadfully polite but, even alone on a stage in a big hall, she advertised intimacy through her music. She had some very curious, but downright endearing, vocal affectations that brought life to her performance and, lyrically, she was as capable of taking a walk through the dark shadows as she was in drawing on rosy cheeked traditional folk influences. So, whilst outwardly conventional enough to avoid scaring festival audiences, she had the mark of an artist who could reach further into herself and use what she found there to touch even the hardest of hearts. I don't doubt that she'll do just that.;

Outside, there are flashing blue lights everywhere and there's still two hours to go until midnight.

Reviewer: Handsome Bluesbunny
Review Date: 12 October 2012

Monday 27 Feb 2012

Jim Byrne and The Blackwoods, Dinny live at Brel, Glasgow

Photo: jim byrne. Let's start by joining up some song titles and making a sentence. Saturday night is alright for walking in the rain. Actually, it wasn't and thoughts of gratuitous and pointless violence soon crossed my mind as my waterproofing proved inadequate for a Woodlands Road deluge. Fortunately, God has a plan and shelter was available and duly sought in the salubrious surrounding of Brel. As chance would have it, Jim Byrne and The Blackwoods would soon be playing there.

On arrival, Dinny was playing a set of covers and her own songs that ably complemented what was soon to come. She wears her heart on her sleeve which is no bad thing when you have a voice that sells emotion like few others could.

Should there be a need for a prince of mellow mellifluousness then Jim Byrne would be a prime contender for that crown. Although he did not go as far as wearing an Aran sweater - remaining instead the man with the hat - you could see him dominating what used to be called light entertainment. With The Blackwoods flexibly accompanying him on a variety of swappable instruments, he, in his own self effacing way, soon had the attentive audience right where he wanted them.

More old timey than trendy Americana, Jim Byrne's music drew from the dustbowls of the good old US of A and he injected his songs, and indeed the seamlessly integrated covers, with a wholesome warmth and an endearing sentimentality that sounded like it had been transported through time from a rose tinted past. Of the songs from his new album "The Innocent", "Sweeter Than A Rose" stood out as the song that defines what Jim Byrne is all about.

As the last song faded into the night, I have to admit to feeling all warm and fuzzy and at one with the world. Outside though, it is still raining. 47 seconds later, I am considering the merits of Swiss made assault rifles again. I think I might need to play Jim Byrne's album when I get home. Music therapy, as it were.
dinny reverbnation

Reviewer: Handsome Bluesbunny
Review Date: 25 February 2012

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