Jim's West End Photo Diary: November 2001

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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16th November 2001

Falling Leaves

Main Glasshouses

Autumn pictures from the Botanic Gardens.

Hillhead Street

Here is one for former students of Glasgow University. This is Hillhead Street looking towards Great Western road. The University library is just behind and to the left of me.

Pink Flowers Pink Flowers

Flowers from the Main Range of Glasshouses in the Botanic Gardens.


There was only one statue from the Kibble Palace that had never appeared in my diary - here it is.

8th November 2001

Bower Building

As you probably know the big new in the West End has been the fire that destroyed the Bower Building at Glasgow University. Apart from the terrible damage to the building itself - which was over 100 years old - many valuable and irreplaceable items were lost. Unfortunately the list of destroyed items included original manuscripts and rare scientific books by Charles Darwin (valued at over £2 million).

Despite the 'informed opinion' of a local taxi driver that the cause was a stray firework - an idea that seemmed to spread remarkably quickly - the emergency services ruled out this particular explanation.

On the upside, some items were saved from the fire, including a signed print of Darwin, historic books and a bust of Hooker. Curiously one item salvaged intact was a rare wax model of a flower.

Bower Building Bower Building

The building will not be entirely demolished; the original facia is to be retained in a two-year project at the cost of £6Million.

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