Photography: Jim's West End Photo Diary: August 2005

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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26th August

Photo: Vegetables from the plot.

Pictures of some of the vegetables we grew at our Allotment this year.

Photo: Runner Beans from the plot.

Photo: Marrow from the plot.

Photo: Peas from the plot.

16th August 2005

Photo: Duck and young ducks on banks of Kelvin.

A duck looking after its young on the banks of the Kelvin.

Photo: David O'Neil's Labrador, Alfie.

David O'Neil who is the owner of the West End Phiten shop has a young Labrador called Alfie. Photo: August mystery photo.

This months mystery photo is an easy one I think. Where is this to be found? If you know - add your answer as a comment at the foot of this page. Unfortunately no prizes - just good karma.

Photo: Bike and railings West End.

This was one of the photos on a film I spoiled by opening the camera without realising I hadn't wound back the film - but I still like it - so here it is.

Photo: Seed heads.

Photo: Cafe life in Italy.

A few more photos from our holiday to Barga in Italy earlier this year. Above is a typical cafe scene.

Photo: Cherries on tree, Italy.

Photo: Olives, Italy.

Photo: Train station, Italy.