Photography: Jim's West End Photo Diary: August 2005

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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26th August

Photo: Vegetables from the plot.

Pictures of some of the vegetables we grew at our Allotment this year.

Photo: Runner Beans from the plot.

Photo: Marrow from the plot.

Photo: Peas from the plot.

16th August 2005

Photo: Duck and young ducks on banks of Kelvin.

A duck looking after its young on the banks of the Kelvin.

Photo: David O'Neil's Labrador, Alfie.

David O'Neil who is the owner of the West End Phiten shop has a young Labrador called Alfie. Photo: August mystery photo.

This months mystery photo is an easy one I think. Where is this to be found? If you know - add your answer as a comment at the foot of this page. Unfortunately no prizes - just good karma.

Photo: Bike and railings West End.

This was one of the photos on a film I spoiled by opening the camera without realising I hadn't wound back the film - but I still like it - so here it is.

Photo: Seed heads.

Photo: Cafe life in Italy.

A few more photos from our holiday to Barga in Italy earlier this year. Above is a typical cafe scene.

Photo: Cherries on tree, Italy.

Photo: Olives, Italy.

Photo: Train station, Italy.


Sorry Dorothy, you were correct it is Kelvinside Academy's School Motto On the corner of Kirklee Rd./Bellshaugh Rd. Thanks - you are the winner. :-) All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Thu Oct 13 2005

Re. Mystery Photo. My dear friend in Montreal is wondering if the tension of waiting for a verdict will ever end ??!! Best wishes.

dorothy | Thu Oct 13 2005

the picure is from Bellsaugh Road and it means always be the first in every aspect of your life. I'm Greek so it was easy for me

zoi | Tue Sep 27 2005

if mr angry of kelvinside finds a school motto(whatever its meaning)"deeply disturbing" he has quite obviously led a sheltered life! sounds like he was expelled from the academy concerned for being a prize pratt and has some burning issues..anyway i dont want to follow his lead and rant on in the comment section so, mr angry get help,and stop spoiling other peoples enjoyment of a great site. bob

robert crilley | Sun Sep 04 2005

This is a deeply disturbing image of the school motto of a Kelvinside INSTITUTION which assists in reinforcing their incorrectly asummed status as a place of proper education. I look forward with delight to when their Charitable Status is removed; they perform no positive function in the wider community. Please remove this image forthwith from your website as it is not the kind of mis-representation I would expect of your otherwise commendable website/ business. The fact that they choose to disregard advertising standards is not an excuse for you to follow suit; it is not even an interesting/aesthetic photo. Rough translation: " Ever To Excel", or "Always Do Your Best". This is as profane an image as any by the Satanic one from (allegedly) the U.S.A. and far more offensive than a stone carved phallus which might at least stimulate an ethnographic interest in the conjuction of religious and sexual imagery. Then again, that might only be of interest to those who would find such research stimulating. There is much else to commend this building by James Sellars, a notable architect, and, even though it is "A" Listed, I'm sure it will convert nicely into retirement flats. Sincerely, Angry (Kelvinside)

m | Sat Aug 27 2005

I believe it is Kelvinside Academy's School Motto On the corner of Kirklee Rd./Bellshaugh Rd. A dear friend in Montreal believes it is too!!

dorothy | Tue Aug 23 2005

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