Pat's West End of Glasgow Picture Gallery2

Ashton Road off Byres Road

Ashton Road off Byres Road

Hyndland Terrace Entrance off Great Western Road

Tenement in Partick

Tenement on Dunbarton Road in Partick

Hyndland Terrace

A Hyndland Terrace

Terrace Doorway of Gt Western Road

Terrace Doorway

Great Western Terrace

Great Western Terrace


thanks a lot Pat for those so beautiful pictures.I'm not a glaswegian but i love glasgow especially hyndland which is one of my favorite part of the city. Seeing these amazing pictures reminds me of wonderful memories.
--cynthia ( hyndland_westend at hotmail dot com ) from france on 6.8.2003; 16:28:22 Uhr

Thanks Pat for the wee trip home. I've been missing Glasgow, but unable to make the trip back for way too long. But, I don't know it the photo's have healed or fired up the home sickness!? :)
--Heather Jebbari ( heather_jebbari at yahoo dot co dot uk ) from england on 8.8.2001; 21:27:52 Uhr


Hello, I used to go to Hillhead High School and was wondering if you have any photos of the way the schooL used to be way back when I attended (1971 76. Thanks.

Alison Phimister | Sat Jul 08 2006

WOW!!! Been to a few places in Scotland. But never been to Glasgow... Come from Worcester myself til 1981 then I took wings to my home here in Australia ... Next visit home and Glasgow is definately on the agenda!!! Glasgow should be very proud of your charismic portrayal... Great boost for tourism!!! The site and it's contents are shit hot, your passion exhauberates throughout and the hours of hard work to get this together - you should be very proud of your achievements... If you would like some photo's of Oz please let me know and I will send you some - once I have moved home!!! Chow for now - Annie

Annie | Sun Mar 13 2005

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