Jim's West End Photo Diary October 2002

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23rd October 2002

Photo: Grannary.

It's been a struggle to find the time to get out and take photographs in the last few weeks - so examples to post on the site are a bit thin on the ground. But I did jump out of the car on a trip down to Whiteinch and take a snap of the rapidly disappearing Granary building down on South Street next to the Clyde. Apparently this area is in for some massive redevelopment - in the style to mimic the Manhatten skyline - so I'm told.

Photo: Croquet.

Croquet players enjoying themselves down at the greens next to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Photo: Kelvinhall tower.

The wire mesh spheres at the top of the Kelvinhall building are a very distinctive feature of the building.

Photo: Fidler on roof.

This woman is perched on the roof of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery playing her fiddle; the original fiddler on the roof perhaps.

Photo: Ices van.

The ice cream van outside the gates of the Botanic Gardens.

9 October 2002

We visited the new 'Loch Lomond Shores' attraction a couple of weeks ago; a mixture of water sports, scenery and shopping. Hopefully it will be a big success - certainly the view from the new building, (photograph on the right above) is spectacular.

A few weeks ago we visited the Glasgow Art Club which was open to the public as part of glasgow Open Doors Day. We loved the comfortable clubby atmosphere and surroundings, and the friendliness of the members acting as 'guides' for the day. We both left thinking it would be good to be members of the club.

Unfortunately the photograph of Pat above didn't come out correctly - must be the dreaded 'sticky shutter' problem on my Canon T90 camera. But I liked the photograph and I like Pat in it so here it is anyway.

Meanwhile back in the west end of Glasgow; university students re-aquaint themselves with study in the Glasgow University Library; and the sun gets lower and lower in the sky as we move through Autumn.

More of the same Jim. Well done!
--Roger Young ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from Scotland on 4.11.2002; 20:49:04 Uhr