Photography diary: June 2004

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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19th June 2004

Here are some photos from last week's West End Festival parade on Byres Road.

Photo: Byres Road Parade.

It was busier than ever - thousands and thousands attended this year's parade down Byres Road.

Photo: A good view of the parade.

These folk were lucky enough to have a good view.

Photo: Bannana troop.

Photo: Byres Road Parade dancer.

Photo: Festival Dancer.

Photo: Byres road parade.

Photo: Dads bowling friends.

Some of my dad's friends from the bowling club.

Photo: The Robertson kids.

Nicola and Sean

Photo: Festival fun.

Young people - out enjoying themselves.

Photo: Festival eats.

One of the stalls providing sustenance to the crowd.

Photo: Umbrella dancer.

16th June 2004

A few photos for June - sorry this months diary has taken so long to appear - busy, busy busy. I've got some festival photos I'll put up shortly.

Photo: New flats at Anniesland.

The new flats at Anniesland formed from the old Art Deco cinema.

Photo: Kelvin bridge statue.

Statue from the bridge over the Kelvin in Kelvin Way.

Photo: Gibson Street from the park.

Looking out at Gibson street from within Kelvingrove Park.

Photo: Caledonian Mansions.

Caledonian Mansions from beneath Kelvin Bridge.

Photo: Caledonian Mansions Crest.

The crest on the side of Caledonian Mansions.

Photo: Granite pillar on Kelvin Bridge.

An unusual view of one of the pillars on Kelvinbridge.

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