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13th May 2005

Photo: Coffee by numbers.

As a reposte to last months comments about there having been no mystery photograph for a while - here's one for you to puzzle over. Where did I take the photo above? No prizes - just a bit of fun. Add you answer as a comment at the foot of the page.

Photo: Corner of Oakfield Avenue.

Photo: Vegetable seller Byers Road.

Photo: New Papyrus shop Byers Road.

Photo: Tenement at Glasgow University.

Photo: Sculpture at Glasgow University.

Photo: Cloisters Glasgow University.

Photo: Wellington Church.

Photo: Ashton Lane.


Well done Jim! Now that's what I call back on track. I hope you didn't mind my intended constructive critcism of the recent site pictures. I would hate to deliberately offend, but I just love it when you do the things that most photographers don't do - natural, informal snaps of the Cloisters for example - just wonderful! What about that mystery photograph? Now that really baffled me! I think its about time that I get out my digital camera and try to catch out the webmaster - no prizes, but let's see if we can test him? Now that would be a thought ;-) Thanks for wonderful pics again and keep them coming.

Rikki Hamilton | Fri May 20 2005

Hi Pauline, Right first time. Well done! All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Thu May 19 2005

Was it in Moka? We were there Saturday and the number block looks similar to what they have.

Pauline Figliolini | Mon May 16 2005

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