Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: May 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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31 May 2003

Photo: Flowers.

Photo: Yellow Tulips.

Photo: Flowers.

It is goodbye to May with some photos of the flowers in bloom in the Botanic Gardens. I'm not sure what that strange looking last one is?

Photo: Botanics.

This is a photo of the area to the right of the Kibble Palace, next to the herb garden. I know this area is likely to disappear once the Kibble is renovated, and the area around it rebuilt and re-landscaped, so this one is for the memory.

Photo: West End Festival Launch.

Photo: West End Festival Launch.

Photo: West End Festival Launch.

A few photos from the launch of the 2003 West End Festival programme in the Grosvenor Hotel earlier this month. I'm sure you will spot a few well-kent locals?

19th May 2003

Photo: Camelia.

Here are a few photographs from the West End of Glasgow taken over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I am useless at remembering the names of trees and plants, so feel free to add your own comments at the bottom of the page. The tree above is the one just to the right of the Kibble Palace if you are coming into the park from the Byres Road end.

Photo: Variagated leaves.

And here is a photograph of some nice variegated leaves, that I took as we came out of the Landsdowne Bar and Restaurant the Sunday before last.

Photo: Orchid Fair.

This is a picture from the Orchid Fair in the Kibble Palace that took place a few weeks ago - I wasn't the only person wandering around with a camera that day.

Photo: Wellington Church.

The Wellington Church on University Avenue is a very impressive structure, with its Classical architectural features, such as the large columns either side of the building.

Photo: University Place.

This building on University Place is also quite neat and tidy. Apart from being aware that it is part of Glasgow University, I don't know what its function is.

Photo: Kelvin bridge crest.

Another of the newly painted 'Coats of Arms' on the Kelvinbridge. If my memory serves me right, this one is related to Hillhead (Hillhead was once separate from Glasgow, with its own Council). The one on the opposite side of the bridge is Glasgow's.

7th May 2003

Photo: Byres Road.

The old church on the corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road is rapidly turning into our very own West End Arts Centre - thanks to Colin Beattie, the enthusiastic developer, and supporting cast. Colin invited, Pat and I to have a look around 'The Skerryvore Development' as it has been christened, and I got the opportunity to take some photographs from the top of the church tower. The climb up the vertical ladders on the side of the scaffolding is not for faint hearted - but it was worth it for the view on what was a beautiful day.

As you can see, my diary for this month starts with some photographs from this particular adventure.

Photo: The Botanic Gardens.

Photo: Great Western Road.

Photo: Grosvenor Terrace.

Photo: Skerivore Project.

Photo: Skerivore Project.

Here are a few photograps of the inside of the building.

Photo: Colin Beattie.

And one of Colin Beattie looking over the rest of the West End from the top of the scaffolding - always a good idea to hold on to something when you are up that high.

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Hi Jim!...enjoyed all the pictures as usual..I think the building on University Place belongs to the Uni TA.
--Jess Fitzgerald ( jess dot fitzgerald at which dot net ) from UK on 16.6.2003; 12:01:17 Uhr

I found your site by accident while looking for information on our new address in Coopers Well Street.
A great site, makes me even more glad I'm moving back to my old home town.
--Gordon Bickerton ( gordonbickerton at yahoo dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 30.5.2003; 9:02:15 Uhr

Jim, as so many before me, I became very moved when looking at your picture diary. It made me realise just how much I miss Glasgow and the west end, and it is great to see the old streets and buildings again. I Used to stay in Hamilton Park avenue for 3 years before moving to Largs and then back to Norway in dec 2002, and I will come back to visit again. Looking forward to all your future photos and keep up the great work!
--Krister Bratland ( krister_bratland at hotmail dot com ) from Norway on 24.5.2003; 17:29:19 Uhr

Hi Tom, I'm glad you like the photographs, thanks for taking the time to add you comment.

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 20.5.2003; 0:46:30 Uhr

These pictures have almost fulfilled a life long ambition for me as I can now claim I have seen the inside of that beautiful building and even viewed the West End from the top!

Just a shame you did not manage to get a full set of 360 degrees - as I would have loved to have been able to see Cranworth St and Gt. George St. from that angle.

Terrific and thanks!

--Tom Wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from on 11.5.2003; 0:52:27 Uhr

Thanks for the nice comment Barry. A series of pictures is a good idea - but I would imagine that the developers are hoping the scaffolding will not be up long enough for the full set. :-)

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( jim at glasgowwestend dot co dot uk ) from UK on 8.5.2003; 23:49:00 Uhr

Congratulations Jim. Brave man.
You have some classic pictures there from a view that very people have ever seen. Might be interesting to do a series throughout the seasons?
--Barry Paton ( barry dot paton at worldonline dot fr ) from France on 8.5.2003; 13:25:18 Uhr