Glasgow West End: Jim's West End Photo Diary March 2000

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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12th March Last Sunday we (i.e myself and Pat) went for breakfast to the Grosvenor Cafe in Ruthven Lane . The cafe is lovely from the outside - as you can see from the picture below. It also has some interesting features inside, the most striking of which is the colourful mural which runs the length of the room. and shows all the buildings and people who work in the various establishments in Ruthven Lane. On the wall opposite to the mural there is a large map of the West End showing - 'with a kind of 3D effect ' - all the buildings in the area. This is a busy and bright cafe set in one of the nicest parts of the West End. We timed our arrival perfectly; five minutes after we sat down a queue of people 10 deep had gathered at the door waiting for seats.

Grosvenor Cafe

Still in Ruthven Lane here is a picture of the gable end of Jinty McGinty's Pub showing an interesting Guiness Advert.

Guiness Advert

For quite some time I've been wanting to take some pictures of the Partick area. Partick is one of the few traditional 'main street' shopping areas left in the city; busy, characterful and with an eclectic mix of shops, pubs and amenities servicing the local community; a fair smattering of second hand clothes and furniture shops in the mix plus a library, a cricket ground and many small churches. The photographs below are of Partick Cross Looking West and the Carlton Bingo Hall which was previously the F'n'F Dance Hall a famous landmark in Partick. Outside the F'n'F was, and still is, the place where you catch the bus to Ireland.

Partick Cross Carlton Bingo Hall

Below are a couple of snapshops I took while in Great Western Road. Roots and Fruits is one of the shops in the Caledonian Mansions building - a real West End Shop if ever there was one - the one place in the City where you will probably find those 'exotic' mushrooms that you read about in your cook book. Caledonia Books and Osiris are located about 50 yards further West in the next block.

Roots and Fruits Gt Western Road

Caledonia Books Gt Western Road

This is my second attempt at a picture of this church and bridge over the Kelvin - still not the best photograph but a bit better than the last one I took which looked completely dull. I imagine there will not be much to see once the trees get their leaves back so - as it's such an attractive scene as you walk along the Kelvin I thought I'd have another go.

Kelvin Hall

1st March 2000

If you have read February's Photo Diary you will probably have had your fill of my tales of night-time photography. l have finally reached the end of that particular phase - back to the good old sunshine, or at the very least a bit of daylight. Last Saturday was one of those beautiful warm bright days we always seem to get at least one of in February. I took advantage of the sunshine to go out and 'shoot' Pat's latest shopping list of photographs needed for the Web site. This included a photograph of some local pubs including the Halt which you can see below and a mixed bag of bowling greens, restaurants and statues.

The Halt Bar

It was such a nice day though that I couldn't resist another visit to the Botanics ( not again I hear you say). The park was busy, as you can see from the picture below and I meant to take some more 'crowd shots', but as usual - by the time I had walk through the 'Main Range' of Glasshouses I had no film left. you will just have to imagine the rest of the crowds.

Botanic Gardens

Here are a couple of nice Orchids I took pictures of while winding my way around the glasshouses.



By the time Sunday had rolled around the sun had gone. Here is a photograph the Concert Hall of Glasgow University - this is the building facing the main gate at University Avenue.

Glasgow University Concert Hall

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Hey great website, I lived in Glasgow for 5 years(Partick Cross) and left a couple of months ago with many a tear in my eye. How lovely to see pics. of my old haunts...many great memories. Keep it going!!
--Kiran ( kiranbermuda at hotmail dot com ) from Bermuda on 13.9.2003; 23:10:42 Uhr

happened to stumble across your web page whilst looking for a second hand cooker in the glasgow area!!!!when i saw your lovely photos,it brought my childhood memories flooding back,i myself being from that area!!!!!NICE SNAPS!!!!!
--kay ( KStrongbow at aol dot com ) from england on 12.5.2003; 13:12:46 Uhr

You wrote that there was a certain picture that I wanted to see, but here is the problem, when I went to look for it, it was not there.
--Tyler Stone ( hstonehvc at yahoo dot com ) from U.S.A, North Carolina, Mt. Airy on 5.11.2001; 23:43:08 Uhr

Hi Jim, Now I can keep track of what you are up to when you are out and about. I'll be sneaking up on you in the Orchid House or bumping into you at the Kibble Palace. Pat.
--Pat Byrne ( pat at glasgowwestend dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 8.3.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr