Jim's West End Photo Diary: June 2002

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25th June 2002

A few pictures from Sundays' West End Festival parade. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take all that many photographs on the day, because I was playing with my band on one of the Byres road stages.

The dancers and parade participants put on a great show - and they all looked spectacular. Well done to everyone involved.

This years carnival looked like it attracted the biggest crowd ever. I've never seen Byres road so busy.

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3rd June 2002

Another month another set of photographs from around the West End. There are a few nice photographs of flowers on this page, but true to form I couldn't tell you the names of any of them. I will need to be more attentive in the future and take notes as I take photographs.

The new Glasgow University building on University Avenue is taking shape. I quite like the fact that the old university tower is reflected in the glass of the new building. I expect I will not be the last person to take this photograph - but remember you saw it here first.

A pink flower.

Another pink flower.

Hmm, not sure what you call that colour, mauve?

Shake it all about.

Late evening light falling on the Kibble Palace.

Glasgow University glimpsed throught the trees.

Another picture for my occasional 'spot the West End feature' competition. Where in the West End can you find the above fancy ironwork? Add you answer as a comment to the bottom of the page. No prizes, just a bit of fun and the warm glow that comes from getting it right. The last mystery picture in my March diary was correctly identified by Tom Wilson, as the Fountain in front of the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum. Well done Tom.

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Yes you are right, it's the Balcony at 12 University Avenue. Buit around 1900 by the architect J.Goff Gillespie.
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 27.2.2003; 22:27:20 Uhr

This one stumps me! I think it may be around the University and I would hazard a guess that it is in University Gardens, near the Queen Margaret Union.

Failing that, it is up one of the side streets, not far from there.

I think it is above a 'porch, entrance' to one of the main doorways at University Gardens.....if its not that, you really have me stumped and I am driving through from Airdrie to search my beloved West End!
--Tom Wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from Scotland - Where else? on 8.6.2002; 23:38:43 Uhr