Pat's West End of Glasgow Picture Gallery6

Curlers Bar- the oldest pub in area (17th century)

Curlers Bar- the oldest pub in area (17th century)

Roots and Fruites Byres Road

Roots and Fruites in Byres Road

Branching Out on Hyndland Road

Branching Out on Hyndland Road

Retro vintage clothing in Otago St

Retro - vintage clothing in Otago St


Hi there, stumbled on your site by mistake. Met a friend through friends reunited, haven't seen her in over 20yrs, then came across the photo of curlers Bar, which brought back many memories as that was the last place I saw her. Great Site!! How about some pics of the East End soon.
--jan ( jan at gaughan7791 dot freeserve dot co dot uk ) from Glasgow on 1.8.2003; 21:59:12 Uhr

What a great site Pat. Youre doing an excellent job! I'm a professional photographer now living in Brisbane Australia, but I used to live in the west end of Glagow. Your pics are really excellent. Aprt from your website have you thought of any professional use for them?

Perhaps you might like to contact me, and I may be able to help you find some professional use for them, or make some suggestions for you.

I use to live at 40 Highburgh Road 3rd Right. Asking a big favour but could you take a shot of that for me please?
--William Long ( wlong at longshots dot com dot au ) from Australia on 19.4.2002; 1:01:02 Uhr


a couple of corrections, name: carol rae, not rate. email address;

carol rate | Wed Oct 02 2013

I lived in the westend from l960 to 1968 in Ruthven street, the street directly up from the curlers pub. I attended dowanhill public school and then went on to Hamilton crescent school, partick, Glasgow. I am looking for friends who lived in byres road area at that time. if you remember me, please email me. I would love to hear from anyone out there. I knew, tina ripley, patricia duffy, Yvonne perrett and many more people, but don't remember their last names. I live in bridge of weir, Renfrewshire, scotland

carol rate | Wed Oct 02 2013

i was born at 9 walker street partick which is long gone do you know if it is possible to get any pictures from that time and point me in that direction many thanks bert

bert wilkie | Mon Mar 05 2007

I lived in Glasgow from January to June 1996. I was attending Glasgow University for a semester abroad. My time here really touched my heart and soul and I really appreciate these pictures; the memories just come flooding back.

Valerie | Fri Sep 01 2006

Really enjoyed browsing through this site and getting brought up to date on the new look Partick. I was born there in 1939, lived in Castelbank St and later Thurso St both very close to Partick Bridge St. Partick was always a great place and I have a lot of happy memories of my youth there. Anyone on here frequent the F&F dancing or the Sunday night cafe entertainment? I am now living in Ireland since 1968 and I keep planning to go back for a visit but something always crops up to stall it.I would really like to find a site that has pics of the old partick, i.e.before the demolition guys moved in

john henry | Thu Dec 08 2005

During an idle moment, I was browsing on the PC and came across your site. Thank you for verifying that there WAS a place called Partick Bridge Street. I lived in the old tenement buildings from 1942 to 1945. My mother and I had been evacuated from London and Dad was stationed with the Army in Paisley. I have VERY distant memories of the place, except the railway line at the end of the street, and playing out in the streets with the other children. Have you any old photos of the tenements please?

Rosemary O'Gorman | Wed Oct 12 2005

Hi Jim, I am presently putting together a presentation on sustaining a Partick community and hope you will be able to help me with a few pictures. I'm looking for good photos of (1) the Partick Library (2)Partick's Annexe in Stewartville Street and (3) the Cricket Club.

Marion Morris | Tue Nov 09 2004

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