Photography: Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: January 2007

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow - I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

January 30th 2007

Photo: View form Glasgow West End window.

Dull weather in Glasgow West End.

Photo: Round Apple mouse.

Work. I am probably one of the few people who still uses Apple's infamous round mouse - as everyone else hated it and replaced it. I've never had a problem - and I think this is the third computer I've had it attached to - so it's lasting well.

Photo: Red Bush tea.

My favourite cup of tea. I can't remember who it was who turned me on to Red Bush tea - probably my room-mate Roger when I worked at the University, as he was always bringing back teas from his African trips.

Photo: View from hall floor.

When the weather is dull - running out to take photographs doesn't appeal - so instead here's one of our hall floor.

Photo: Sideboard and bowl.

And our hall sideboard.

January 5th 2007

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery red Christmas trees.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery has been lit up like a Christmas tree over the festive period. The Christmas trees outside the gallery are also lit up like Christmas trees - red Christmas trees.

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery at Christmas.

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery front door at Christmas.

I haven't doctored this picture in any way - the red lights really did give this effect. The low perspective is because I sat my digital camera on the steps and pointed it upwards - in these low light conditions the shutter was going to be open for a while so I needed to avoid camera shake - because that would have meant a blurry photo.

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery at Christmas.

The view of Kelvingrove Art Gallery from Kelvin Way.

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