Jim Glasgow West End Photography Diary January 2006

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th January

Photo: Coffee at Tribeca.

Alan Rodgers - is the new owner (relatively speaking - as he took ownership last April) of Tribeca on Dumbarton Road near Partick Cross. Alan contacted Pat about updating the page we have on the site about this local cafe/restaurant - so we went down to have a coffee and a chat.

Photo: Alan Rodgers owner of Tribeca.

Alan Rodgers, owner of Tribeca.

Photo: Carlene and Erin of Tribeca.

Two of Alan's friendly staff, Carlene and Erin, take a break for a photo opportunity.

Photo: Tribica.

More photos from our trip to Edinburgh

Photo: Pat in Edinburght on a foggy evening.

Pat, fog, street lights and buildings in Edinburgh.

Photo: Edinburgh Princess Street winter night.

Photo: Edinburgh Princess Street winter night.

The christmas lights and some camera shake gives Princess Street a carnival atmosphere.

Photo: Edinburgh Winter carnival shows.

The carnival itself had less of a carnival atmosphere.

Photo: Scottish Parliament Building.

We visited the Scottish Parliament - to see the new building and check out the what was happening at the centre of Scottish political life. Everyone was on holiday.

Photo: Scottish Parliament Building.

Photo: Pat in the Scottish Parliament Building.

Photo: Dinner at Harvey Nichols.

Dinner at Harvey Nichols restaurant is recommended - the views across the city to the castle are stunning in the evening. As seen in the mirror, in the background to this photograph.

17th January

Photo: The Howard Hotel.

We took a couple of days off during the Christmas break and checked into the Howard Hotel in Edinburgh. Sheer luxury - we even had our own butler.

Photo: The Howard Hotel.

Photo: The Howard Hotel.

Photo: The Albanach.

While in Edinburgh we had a look at the Albanach - designed by Ranald McCall.

Photo: The Albanach.

Photo: The Bourne Gallery.

Photo: Restaurant.

CentOtre, an Italian restaurant with a very modern interior design.