Glasgow West End: Jim's Photography diary

Photo: Orkney Scene.

Here are some photographs from our recent trip to Orkney - what a great place.

Photo: The Italian Church Orkney.

Photo: The Wrigley Sisters Reel Centre.

The Wrigley sisters are an successful fiddle and guitar duo who play traditional Orkney music. They set up, 'The Reel' as a cafe, shop and meeting place for local musicians. We went to one of the 'sessions' - and I met Hazel Wrigley to learn some local guitar styles.

Photo: Orkney.

Photo: Ancient abode Orkney.

Photo: Beach on Orkney.

Photo: Stromness Orkney.

Photo: Stromness Harbour.

Photo: Rosehip.

Photo: Cottage view.

Photo: View on road to Orkney.

Photo: Green boats.

Photo: Young guns play.

Photo: Allotment open day.

Some photographs from the Kirklee Allotment Open Day a few weeks ago.

Photo: Allotment open day.

Photo: Seedpods at Allotment.

Photo: Large red poppy.

Photo: Linlithgow Canal.

The weekend before last we went along to Linlithgow fun day at the Union Canal Centre. The highlight was the cardboard boat race - where different teams attempted to negotiate their way around a course on the canal in their home made cardboard boats - without sinking or getting soggy boats.

Photo: Cardboard boats race at Linlithgow.

Photo: Linlithgow Tractor.

Photo: Linlithgow Canal Festival.

Photo: Linlithgow Cardboard boats race.

Photo: Linlithgow Folk Club.

I played some music with the Linlithgow Folk club.

Photo: Jim Byrne at Linlithgow Canal day out.

Photo: Linlithgow train station.