Photography diary: Jim: May 2004

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th May 2004

Photo: Stone carvings above Glasgow University door.

Carvings above the door next to the main gate into Glasgow University on University Avenue.

Photo: Glasgow University main gate.

Detail from the main gate into Glasgow University on University Avenue.

Photo: Glasgow University main gate.

Photo: Belmont Street work.

I notice there is some work going on in Belmont Street.

12th May 2004

Photo: Glasgow Harbour construction scene.

There is lots of work going on down at the Glasgow Harbour construction site - new buildings going up in the blink of an eye. I spotted this little mechanical shovel scene, just off South Street - looked kind of arty to me - construction chic.

Photo: Glasgow Harbour construction scene.

Photo: Saint Simon Chapel.

Saint Simon's Chapel is now surrounded by new housing - as a building - it looks a bit cowed by the changes.

Photo: Tulips.

Photo: Mystery Photo.

Here is this months mystery photograph - where is it? what is it? Or more accurately - what was it? It's just for fun - add your answer as a comment at the bottom of the page.

4th May 2004

Photo: Michael Dale launches Festival programme.

Last Thursday I went to the Launch of the 2004 West End Festival - which was in 'The Loft' in Ashton Lane. In the photograph above you can see Festival Director Michael Dale (on the right) with local developer Colin Beattie. Colin is responsible for resurecting the old church at the top of Byres Road - soon to be open as Oranmor - an Arts venue, restaurant and bar.

Photo: Launch of West End Festival programme 2004.

Westenders taking advantage of the Festival Programme Launch to meet, eat, chat and drink.

Photo: Lynne Scobbie art exhibition.

Local artist Lynne Scobbie had a exhibition of her paintings within the Botanic gardens information centre. Apart from being a talented artist and running painting classes for Westenders, Lynne organises the Paintings on Railings event which runs throughout the summer months - located on Queen Margaret Drive.

Photo: Paintings on Railings at the Botanics.

Photo: Sarah and Kenny.

While at the art exhibition we had a chat with Lynne's daughter Sarah and her partner Kenny.

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Partick Central Ticket Office was fully demolished by supermarket giant Tesco on 28 January 2007. Tesco have not yet secured planning application for their store on the site. Pictures of demolition and newspaper coverage available on request!

Samer Bagaeen | Wed Jan 31 2007

Jim, Tesco have put in a planning proposal to demolish the old ticket office for Partick Central train station pictured on your site. There is a campaign gathering momentum to put a stop to this and we hope you can become involved.

Samer | Wed Jul 12 2006

'Last visit I had to Partick Central Station was on a special deisel train service from Central Station, taking folk to the Modern Homes Exhibition at the Kelvin Hall.' What year did that occur ?

Joe McKay | Sun Sep 25 2005

Jim, Nice photography. My hubby recently started working at Glasgow Harbour and 5 weeks later he ran off with someone he met there. There's more to the story and no I don't want him back, but if you're interested in doing some undercover photography I shall be pleased to be your first client! :) Take care Jim. Ann

Ann | Thu Jun 30 2005

Partick Central Station it is, on the Caledonian Railway line running through Central Low Level Station westwards through Stobcross (Exhibition Station today) then under Yorkhill and out along the South Street embankment through Partick West Station (where Partick Police Station is now) and on out through Clydebank to Dumbarton. There is also a loop line leaving Stobcross running under Kelvingrove Park up to Kelvin Bridge Station (Caledonian Mansions was built as an extension facility for the Central Hotel), under Great Western Road to Kirklee, for either Maryhill or the loop back past Gartnavel (Stazione Restaurant!) for Partick West. Some visionary engineers, those Victorians! My school train from Newton to Hamilton in the early sixties left from Balloch passing through Partick, ending its journey in Flemington (Motherwell); the line finally closed not many years after; since then, many sections have been reintegrated into Strathclyde's excellent network. Through most of its earlier existence, that line along South Street served mostly the docks and shipyards, for the electric tram system grew up soon after the railways, draining away the passenger traffic; will history repeat itself, or will we achieve a truly integrated service one day? Last visit I had to Partick Central Station was on a special deisel train service from Central Station, taking folk to the Modern Homes Exhibition at the Kelvin Hall.

Andrew Heatlie | Mon May 17 2004

The mystery pic is the back of the building that's just round the corner from the converted mill that's now flats, with the wheatsheafs on each end of the roof. Across the road from Yorkhill Park. It sits on the bridge over the Kelvin, facing the awful new housing development, and on its front it currently says Partick Central Auctions. I think it used to be a train station though.

marion cochrane | Sat May 15 2004

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