Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary: January 04

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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18th January 2004

Photo: Fishbowl.

A few more holiday snaps.

Photo: Art Deco cafe sign.

Photo: Funchal Shopping Centre.

Funchal had some old Art Deco style buildings and signs.

Photo: Gardens Mansion.

14th January 2004

Photo: Madiera Musician.

Here are some photographs from our recent winter break in Madiera. The weather was sunny and warm, and I took loads and loads of photographs - too many really.
In the photo above you can see a local musician relaxing in Monte village square - it has to be said - the pace of life was not hectic.

Photo: Madiera toboggan men.

The carreiros (tobogganists) relaxing in Monte

Photo: Madiera toboggan.

The tobaggan run from Monte to Funchal.

Photo: Madiera streets.

Zona Velha - the old town in Funchal

Photo: Madiera Cathedral spire.

The spire of Funchal's 16th century Cathedral.

Photo: Madiera Cable Car.

The Cable Car to Monte

Photo: Pat at Madiera gardens.

Pat in the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens.

Photo: City of Funchal, Madiera.

Looking towards Funchal from the 17th century Fortaleza de Sao Tiago - which is now a museum and art gallery.

Photo: Madiera Palm trees.

Palm trees at Monte Palace Gardens

2nd January 2004

Photo: Swan in Kelvingrove Park.

I took 3 year old Holly round to the Kelvingrove Park a couple of days ago, and saw this friendly and beautiful Swan in the pond. I soon became frozen and eager to get back home, as the weather was absolutely perishing - but Holly was running around with other kids happily playing on the slides and swings - so I had to stay for the fun.

Photo: Ducks in Kelvingrove Park.

Also saw some nice ducks in the pond.

Photo: A tree reflected in a puddle.

I find myself looking in the puddles more these days, as there can be something quite magical and other worldly in what they reflect. This tree for example looks pretty darn good.

Photo: Bottom of Glasgow Street.

Photo: West End lane.

This lane is off to the left, and near the bottom, if you are coming down Glasgow Street. The photograph above that is the building at the bottom of Glasgow Street.

Photo: Byres road in my wing mirror.

Here is what Byres Road looks like if you look in your wing mirror while sitting in a car outside Safeways waiting to pick up Pat with the shopping.

Photo: Park Road Glasgow Uni Union.

A photograph of Glasgow University Union on Kelvin way.

Photo: Glasgow University Tower.

Photo: Glasgow University.

A few wintry photographs of Glasgow University.

Photo: Three windows.

Here is this months 'mystery photograph'; where in the West End can you find these three distinctive windows? Add your answer as a comment at the bottom of the page. It's just a bit of fun - sorry there are no prizes - just the smug satisfaction of getting it right.

Mystery photograph update: As you can see from the comment below, Tom Wilson is kindly offerring a prize of a '?20 gift voucher for Di'Maggios for the first correct entry that can also complete a wee tiebreaker'. Thanks Tom, that is very good of you.If you don't mind I'll alter that to 'all correct entries are asked the tiebreaker and the first person to reply with the answer gets the prize? Sound ok?

Don't delay, enter the competition today - particularly if you are hungry. :-)

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