Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: November 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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30th November 2003

Photo: Grosvenor cinema screen.

Exclusive photos from inside the new Grosvenor Cinema - a few days before the opening events.

Photo: Grosvenor cinema restaurant.

Photo: Grosvenor cinema restaurant.

Photo: Grosvenor cinema bar.

21st November 2003

Photo: New Grosvenor Cinema.

A few photographs of the outside of the refurbished Grosvenor Cinema - looks like they have done a good job to me.

Photo: New Grosvenor Cinema.

Photo: Brel Bar Restaurant.

A view of Brel, from the Grosvenors' new balcony.

Photo: Work at the Kibble Palace.

Another peek through the dirty glass of the Kibble Palace as the work progresses.

16th November 2003

Photo: Professor Square.

Windows in Professor Square, Glasgow University.

Photo: Winter leaf.

Photo: Winter fruit.

Winter is coming.

Photo: Bike park.

A place to park your bike at the new Glasgow University building on University Avenure.

Photo: River Kelvin.

A view of the River Kelvin from Park Road.

9th November 2003

Photo: Work starts at the Kibble Palace..

The Kibble Palace opened in 1873 - and it is now shut for refurbishment until 2006. The cast iron frame will be back, fully restored, but the glass will be gone for good - and with it part of the character and romance of the building.

The Kibble when it opens again will be 'good as new'; now is the time to say goodbye to 130 years of dirt, rust and grime, and the (slightly younger) weeds that take root in every crevices between glass and frame. And say hello to a shiny new tourist attaction.

I wonder were the fish are going?

The photograph above looks a bit blurry because I took while peering through one of the dirty panes of glass to the left the main entrance.

Photo: Work starts at the Kibble Palace.

Photo: Kibble Palace glass with white paint.

The white paint used to shield the plants from strong sun - turns the glass into individual pieces of abstract art.

Photo: Works starts at the Kibble Palace.

A wander around the building reveals plenty of rust and peeling paint.

Photo: Rusty frame of the Kibble Palace.

Photo: Autumn colour.

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