Glasgow West End: Jim's West End Photo Diary September 2000

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29th September 2000

Rennie Mackintosh furniture

A couple of weeks ago we visited Queens Cross Church located at 870 Garscube Road, Maryhill. This is the only church designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh that was built. The outside of the church is - dare I say it - undistinguished. Inside, however, is very attractive with detail throughout clearly characteristic of the Rennie Mackintosh style - if a little more austere than usual.

Queens Cross Church

The hall at the back of the church is particularly striking; the flowing shapes at the top of the dark wood pannelling and the contrast between this and the cream colour walls make for a very atractive room.

We sat and had some tea, chatted to some of the folk who run the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, which is based in the church, and as you can see ,at the top of the page and below, I took some pictures of the hall and the original furniture.

Queens Cross Church Hall Queens Cross Church roof struts

The pictures where all taken with a hand held camera without a flash and there wasn't really much in the way of light - so you will have to forgive me if some of them are not as sharp as they should be. I was surprised that they came out at all.

Inside Queens Cross Church Queens Cross Church door

20th September 2000

Inside Hillhead and Kelvinside Church Inside Hillhead and Kelvinside Church

At the weekend we visited some of Glasgow's and the West End's most interesting buildings as part of the 'open doors' day. Unfortunately for us it was also a closed doors day because we had failed to study the program closely enough; many of the buildings were only open in the morning and we got there too late.

So we missed having a look around the BBC building in Queen Margaret Drive and also Glasgow School of Art. However, we did have a look around the Kelvinside and Hillhead Parish Church (Observatory Road), Queens Cross Church (Maryhill Road) which is the only church that Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed and built, and the Corinthian (Ingram St) in the centre of Glasgow.

The photographs above are taken from inside the Kelvinside and Hillhead Parish Church. The architect of this Church was James Sellars who was responsible for many other good buildings in the West End. Completed in 1876 it was modelled on the Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

The organ you can see in the picture on the left also dates from the same year and is by Henry Willis and Son. The magnificent stained glass windows date from 1893 up untill 1958 and are well worth having a gawp at.


On Sunday we had our breakfast in a new restaurant called the Stravaig Into - a picture of which you can see above. The food was good - but the size of the mushroom they served me was frightening! Sorry I have no pictures to prove that assertion.

Below are a couple more pictures from the Botanic Gardens. This time from the herb garden. Pat thinks the flower on the left is Echinacea - is it?.

A bee on a plant Not sure what this is?

15th September 2000

The Rusty Nails ceiligh band

Last weekend we went round to the Lansdowne Crescent Festival; a garden party for the locals of Lansdowne Crescent and anyone else who happened to hear about it on the grapevine. Great music, stalls, food and the friendly folk. In the picture above you can see the Rusty Nails Ceilidh Band and some friends from Skulduggery. The band sounded great.

Below are a couple of photographs from my wander around the Botanic Gardens last week. On the left - I am sure you will recognise it if you have read my diary from any other month - yes it's a little bit of detail from the Kibble Palace. On the right is, eh, well, just some leaves forming a rather pleasing natural pattern.

Entrance and Roof of the Kibble Palace Leaves

September 4th 2000

Falkland Palace

This months diary starts - for a wee change - with some pictures from outwith the West End of Glasgow. Pat's sister Catherine and her daughter Lauren have been over from Canada to pay us a visit. Last weekend we took them up to the historic town of St Andrews - so that Lauren could check out the University that Prince William will soon be studying at. :-)

On the way there we stopped off at the village of Falkland and had a look around Falkland Palace. Most of the Palace is intact and beutifully fitted out in period detail - but just to be contrary I took a picture of this old derelict part - which I thought looked quite dramatic.

Lauren and Catherine in Falkland

Even without the Palace Falkland village is an interesting little village - with most of the building dating back to the 16th and 17th century. It is well worth a wander around. Here you can see Catherine and Lauren in one of the more picturesque parts of the village. In the picture below Catherine and Lauren are joined by Pat.

Pat, Lauren and Catherine

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Liked your site about the west end.I was looking for info./pictures on Ruchill Church in Ruchill St.just off Maryhill Rd.I'm sure that this was also a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design.My dad was the church officer there in the sixties.
--Christine Allan ( JC at jamchrisp dot fsnet dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 5.3.2002; 22:38:57 Uhr