Glasgow West End Photography diary: July 2010

Photos from your trip to Ireland

We were over in Ireland for a week; I was playing some gigs in Westport, Buncrana and Sligo. We took the opportunity to tour along the Irish coast (mostly) - and came across some stunning scenery.

We came across this curiosity shop in the middle of nowhere. I think this was while we were driving along the west coast.

Photo: Antiques with Irish coast in background.

Photo: Curiosity shop on Irish west coast.

Pat was getting freaked out by the Irish road signs.

Photo: Irish road sign: steep drop.

Photo: Irish road signs: steep hill.

Photo: Irish road sign showing diy evidence.


Photo: Yaughting Atlantic ocean.

Photo: Sand dunes on Irish coast.

Malin Head, Inishowen

Photo: Irish thatched cottage on west coast.

Photo: Irish coast line.

We passed lots of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Photo: Horses in Ireland.

Northern Ireland - coast road just north of Larne

Photo: Ireland coastal view.