Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: June2003

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June 24th 2003

Some Glasgow West End Festival photographs from Sundays parade.

Photo: Festival parade 2003.

Photo: Festival parade: whistleblower.

Photo: Festival parade: tamborine player.

Photo: Festival parade.

Photo: Festival big wheel.

Photo: Kids at the festival.

Photo: Disco dancer.

Photo: Festival 2003: bandstand.

Photo: Pat and friends at festival.

Photo: Ruthven lane.

Photo: Festival parade crowds.

Photo: Festival trumpeter.

Photo: John at the festival.

Photo: Fesival parade.

Photo: Fesival dancer.

After all the festival fun we stopped for a coffee.

Photo: Coffee.

June 2003

Photo: Pink Poppy.

Photo: Poppies.

Photo: Bluebells.

I'm very late with my photo diary entry this month - sorry about that. I've no excuse other than to say I've spent a lot of time this month trying to sort out technical problems related to computers and networks. Nothing is ever as reliable as it is advertised to be.

I walked through Kelvingrove Park on Friday evening and noticed that this is the time of year when the poppies are in bloom.

Photo: Glasgow University Tower.

I also captured a glimpse of the Glasgow University Tower peeping through the trees - with the strong evening sunshine creating a distinctive silhouette.

Photo: Pat in garden Kirkudbright.

A couple of weekends ago we visited our friends Andy, Susanne and their little girls Rae and Alice in Kirkcudbright. It was a good time to visit because Susanne had an art show of her paintings - which are fantastic - so we combined a blether with a bit of artistic culture.

We also went for a few walks around the town; I took this photo of Pat as we were wandering around the (now open to the public) garden created by the Scottish painter 'Hornel' one of the 'Glasgow Boys' - who lived and worked in the town.

Photo: Kirkcudbright Castle.

Kirkcudbright has it's own Castle right in the middle of the town - as you can see above.

Photo: David Coulthard Museum.

While we were at Kirkcudbright we took the opportunity to visit the F1 driver David Coulthards Museum in Twynholm. I'm a big fan of motor racing and a particular fan of David Coulthard - so I liked it - even if nobody else was terribly excited. You can see Andy and Rae in the photo above, checking out one of the racing cars.

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