Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary - November 08

Some photographs by Pat that I like.

One of the locals and his wee dog at Lebowski's

Photo: Man and dog in bar.

Davie, Issy and Jim on the beach at Colonsay

Photo: Colonsay beach with Davy, Issi and Jim.

Jim composing a song with his sister's kids Sean and Nicola

Photo: Jim plays songs with the kids.

A close up of Jim

Photo: JIm Byrne too close.

That's a frightening one of me.

Photo: Jim, Pat and the gang at Brel in Ashton Lane.

Photo: Jim and Graham playing at Brel.

And a few by me that have been lying about.

Photo: Abstract photo.

Sometimes when a photo goes wrong, like the one above, it actually turns out better. More interesting.

Painting a saucer

Photo: Painting saucer.

Canal at Anniesland

Photo: Canal at Anniesland.

Some blue flowers

Photo: Blue flowers.

Casino in Manchester

Photo: Casino in Manchester.


Photo: Ferrari Cars in Italy.

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