Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary - October 2001

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26th October 2001

Armadillo and Hotel

A photograph from our trip to the new Science Centre a few weeks ago. Not sure what the Hotel is called but the building on the right is popularly called the Armadillo - can't think why? I don't think that is the official name for the building but I don't know what its real name is.

Flowers backlit

A close-up of some Fuchsia.


This photograph has been lying around next to the scanner for months - I can't decide whether it is a good photograph or not. It's a bit busy, but I like the richness of the colours, and it's got nice bits in it (nice flowers, the dome of the Kibble Palace, the dark shape of the tree on the right) and it's a well exposed photo.

I think it would maybe be better if it was life-size (eh??? you are losing it Jim). But then why have a photograph at all - just take a walk around to the place itself.

Ferns in the Kibble

If you have ever read any of my earlier diaries - or looked at even a small percentage of my photographs - you will know I like the Kibble Palace (or as Pat would say I'm obsessed). Rarely has there been a time when wondering around inside the main dome of the Kibble when I have not thought to myself: why is the bit in the middle of the main dome closed to the public? I have always harboured a little resentment that the central pathway and the central area of the Kibble Palace has been deemed 'out of bounds' by those managing the park. Often I have peered past the barriers at this inner sanctum of ferns - but I have always held myself back from becoming a trespasser.

But not this time - three steps past the barrier and a few snaps later the deed was done. And I have the photos to prove it. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I'm now on Glasgow Parks most wanted list. (Not that I think stepping on some wet gravel is the crime of the century - particularly in the present climate).

Somebody probably should take some photograhs of the Ferns in their present arrangement - because within a few years this will be gone for ever. It will be replaced by the newly built, newly refurbished and replanted Kibble - I'm not saying for worse or better - who knows? - but it will be different.

16th October 2001

Michael Bowes

Sometime last week we popped into Little Italy on Byres road for some lunch - I had the delicious Minestrone (no surprise there) - I can't recall what Pat had. We met Michael Bowes and we had a chat over a Cappuccino.

Glasgow Tower

Inside the Science Centre


We finally made it to the new Science Centre - which I have to say is a great place to go if you have kids - or if you are still of a curious nature. There are hours of fun to be had playing with all the 'hands on' exhibits. I took a few photos but the one's that came out the best where the one's I took while looking out of the window. The first one above is of the Glasgow Tower - now open to the public - after some teething problems with the lifts.

Row of shops on Byres Road

Heart Bucahanan Deli

The relatively new Deli on Byres Road called 'Heart Buchanan' - lots of superb edible products - if you feel you need to treat yourself.

Boyd Orr Building

I wandered up University Avenue and looked up at the Boyd Orr building.

University Gardens Sign

And then snapped the carved 'University Gardens' sign.

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Love the photos - just to say that the "armadillo" is called the Clyde Auditorium. Any chance of a few more pictures of Hyndland - thats where I live, so I'm slightly biased!
--David Speirs ( dave at daves-place dot freeserve dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 8.1.2003; 21:22:04 Uhr