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My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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26th February

Photo: Inside La Patisserie Francaise.

Went for a wander down Byres Road today with the intention of having lunch and a coffee in Little Italy - but it was 'stowed out' - so could get in the door. Instead I went into La Patisserie Francaise for Leek and Potato soap and a Cappuccino - very nice. I had the cheek to take a photograph from inside the cafe.

Photo: Corner of Byres Road and University Avenue.

I took this photograph at the corner of Byres Road and University Avenue - as I walked in the direction of Great Western Road.

Photo: Ubiquitous Chip.

Pat wanted me to take a few photographs of the Chip - as she is adding a feature about Colin Cydesdale to the site - so here are a few snaps.

Photo: Ruthven Lane.

Photo: Ubiquitous Chip.

Photo: New shop Crepe a Croissant.

A new eatery opening on Byres Road - the shopfitters workers were beavering away inside.

Photo: Inside La Patisserie Francoise.

12February 2005

Photo: Cactus Plant.

Photo: Flower in the Botanics Feb 05..

Photo: Spring flower in the Botanics Feb 05..

A little bit of sunshine brings the spring flowers into bloom.

Photo: Demolition of the Kibble Palace February 05.

The Kibble Palace is slowly being dismantled.

Photo: Peter Walker Memorial Fountain.

Detail from the Peter Walker Memorial Fountain in the Botanic Gardens.

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