Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary September 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th September 2003

Photo: Glasgow Harbour Development.

The Glasgow Harbour Development is redefining the skyline down on the Clyde. It seems as if these new buildings spring up out of the ground overnight - although I have a suspicion that these cranes may have helped the process.

Photo: Glasgow Harbour Development.

Photo: Demolition.

Not all of the old granary buildings are completely cleared yet - here is one displaying a final rude gesture to the demolition crews.

Photo: New houses.

A photo of some of the new houses at Partick Cross taken from the old Partick bridge that traverses the River Kelvin and the long gone Partick railway line.

Photo: Partick bridge cast iron pattern.

The iron work on the bridge was looking picturesque - so I took a photo in passing.

Photo: Kenneth Burns.

Local artist Kenneth Burns at the recent exhibition of his paintings.

Photo: Tribeca.

Tribeca - a relatively new cafe/restuarant on Dumbarton Road in Partick.

Photo: Whistlers Mother bar.

I took this photograph of the Whistlers Mother cafe bar on Byres Road to add it to the competition page: win lunch with wine for 2 at Whistler's Mother's Bar

21st September 2003

Photo: Botanics Gate Pedestal.

As I walked out of the Botanics, I noticed the way the late evening light turned this sandstone gatepost into a dramatic picture.

Photo: Crane at Skerryvore.

Construction on the Skerryvore project continues apace.

Photo: Aerosol Art.

Photo: Aerosol Art.

A few more photographs of the Aerosol Art in the lane at the back of the Great Western Baths.

Photo: Hunterian Art Gallery.

A picture of the Hunterian Gallery from Ashton Lane.

Photo: Pink Roses.

Photo: Booly Mardys bar.

There is some debate going on in the Discussion Forum about the name of this new pub in the West End - formally called Bloody Mary - but the letters have been re-arranged - and it's now called Booly Mardy.

6th September 2003

Photo: Aerosol art.

Some very vivid aerosol art is appearing in the lane at the back of Hillhead Library. My understanding is that the artwork was commissioned by the Western Baths; the baths now have a virtual entrance at the back (see below) and a real entrance at the front. The artwork is by Enrique Cintrano - and from a glance at the result, he is clearly a talented individual.

Photo: Aerosol art.

Photo: Aerosol art.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

At least two people have said to me lately that I should ensure I have plenty of photographs of the Kibble Palace before the refurbishment brings wholesale changes. I don't normally need an excuse to take photographs of one of my favourite subjects - but that one will do for now.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

Photo: Architectural feature.

This month sees the return of the mystery photograph competition; where can you see this particular architectural feature? As usual there are no prizes, just the warm glow of knowing you got the right answer when everyone else failed. :-) Use the comments form at the bottom of the page to provide your answer.

Photo: River Kelvin.

A view of the River Kelvin

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