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28th September 2003

Photo: Glasgow Harbour Development.

The Glasgow Harbour Development is redefining the skyline down on the Clyde. It seems as if these new buildings spring up out of the ground overnight - although I have a suspicion that these cranes may have helped the process.

Photo: Glasgow Harbour Development.

Photo: Demolition.

Not all of the old granary buildings are completely cleared yet - here is one displaying a final rude gesture to the demolition crews.

Photo: New houses.

A photo of some of the new houses at Partick Cross taken from the old Partick bridge that traverses the River Kelvin and the long gone Partick railway line.

Photo: Partick bridge cast iron pattern.

The iron work on the bridge was looking picturesque - so I took a photo in passing.

Photo: Kenneth Burns.

Local artist Kenneth Burns at the recent exhibition of his paintings.

Photo: Tribeca.

Tribeca - a relatively new cafe/restuarant on Dumbarton Road in Partick.

Photo: Whistlers Mother bar.

I took this photograph of the Whistlers Mother cafe bar on Byres Road to add it to the competition page: win lunch with wine for 2 at Whistler's Mother's Bar

21st September 2003

Photo: Botanics Gate Pedestal.

As I walked out of the Botanics, I noticed the way the late evening light turned this sandstone gatepost into a dramatic picture.

Photo: Crane at Skerryvore.

Construction on the Skerryvore project continues apace.

Photo: Aerosol Art.

Photo: Aerosol Art.

A few more photographs of the Aerosol Art in the lane at the back of the Great Western Baths.

Photo: Hunterian Art Gallery.

A picture of the Hunterian Gallery from Ashton Lane.

Photo: Pink Roses.

Photo: Booly Mardys bar.

There is some debate going on in the Discussion Forum about the name of this new pub in the West End - formally called Bloody Mary - but the letters have been re-arranged - and it's now called Booly Mardy.

6th September 2003

Photo: Aerosol art.

Some very vivid aerosol art is appearing in the lane at the back of Hillhead Library. My understanding is that the artwork was commissioned by the Western Baths; the baths now have a virtual entrance at the back (see below) and a real entrance at the front. The artwork is by Enrique Cintrano - and from a glance at the result, he is clearly a talented individual.

Photo: Aerosol art.

Photo: Aerosol art.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

At least two people have said to me lately that I should ensure I have plenty of photographs of the Kibble Palace before the refurbishment brings wholesale changes. I don't normally need an excuse to take photographs of one of my favourite subjects - but that one will do for now.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

Photo: Architectural feature.

This month sees the return of the mystery photograph competition; where can you see this particular architectural feature? As usual there are no prizes, just the warm glow of knowing you got the right answer when everyone else failed. :-) Use the comments form at the bottom of the page to provide your answer.

Photo: River Kelvin.

A view of the River Kelvin

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Kelvinbridge, on Gt Western Rd, you can just see the Coopers Bldg top right. I think there was also a railway, on the border of the river?

Ronald Stirling | Sun Oct 24 2004

hello, we write you from Chile, we are seeing yours pictures about Glasgow's West End Area. Because we are going to live there for three years from september 2004. We have a question for you. Do you have some pictures from "old dumbarton road st."?, near to yorkhill st. if you have it, could you send it us please? we would appreciate this very much. best regards,

Jos? Antonio and Claudia (my w | Sat Aug 07 2004

Excellent site.

stephen | Wed Jul 07 2004

not bad photos of the graffiti at the Western Baths. It's a great piece, on a huge scale, but also crammed with details. Not typical graffiti as it's depicting a scene in a mural, rather than working with letter forms. See also: http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos.cfm?photo=3307

duncan | Tue Dec 02 2003

Kiran, I wasn't sure where Partick Bridge Street was - until a minute ago when I looked it up - but it seems I've take photos of the right area already. The new houses that I have said are at Partick cross (see above), are right next to Partick Bridge Street. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Mon Sep 29 2003

Me again...any chance next month you could take a few pictures of the new development at Western Gate (Partick Bridge Street)where I used to live...feel a bit homesick. Thank you so much if it is possible. Keep up the great work.

Kiran | Fri Sep 26 2003

Well spotted Ben - you are absolutely right it is Cleopatras nightclub, or if you prefer, Clatty Pats. This Art Deco building, clad in glazed terracotta tiles, was originally Walter Hubbard's bakery (built in the 1930s).

Jim Byrne | Fri Sep 12 2003

Is this not the top of the building that houses good ol' Clatty Pattys on Great Western Road?

Ben | Fri Sep 12 2003

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