Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary December 2007

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow - I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

23nd December 2007

Photo: The Picture House Anniesland.

The Picture House in Anniesland lit up by the winter sun this morning.

Photo: Anniesland Railway bridge.

The railing bridge across Great Western Road in Anniesland.

A good few weeks back - we went along to an exhibition of Alasdair Gray's paintings. The exhibition covered paintings from when he was a young boy - to some of his most recent work.

I am not an art critic - but I liked Alasdair's paintings - they are distinctly Alasdair - very human - very truthful - funny.

I like Alasdair as well. I've met him a few times - and made small talk - but I'm a little intimidated by the idea that he is a literary/art celebrity - so there is a feeling that because you have to make a decision just to say hello - and because I'd quite like to have a chat with him - it feels like an imposition.

The most impressive book I've ever read is Alasdair's 'Book of Prologues'. Seek it out - if you ever have time for a heavy read that pays you back for the effort.

Photo: Alasdair Gray art exhibition, Glasgow.

Photo: Alasdair Gray art exhibition, Glasgow.

Photo: Alasdair Gray art exhibition, Glasgow.

Photo: Alasdair Gray art exhibition, Glasgow.

Alasdair Gray and Pat.

Photo: Glasgow city lights.

On the way to the pictures - on a wet Glasgow night.

Photo: Glasgow City car park.

I parked the car - in that car park on Cowcaddens road - while Pat went ahead to get the tickets for the film.

Photo: Glasgow Car park litter bin.

Photo: Bruce setting up at Ettrick Gig.

Photo: Peter at Ettrick Gig.

Peter and Bruce setting up before the Ettrick Gig in Old Kilpatrick.