Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary - September 2001

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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29th September 2001

Door plate - Glasgow Art School

Last weekend was 'open doors' day in Glasgow; when many of Glasgow's most interesting buildings were open to the public. We visited the Glasgow School of Art - designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I was not allowed to take photographs inside the building so here is one of the brass plate on the door I took as we left.

Stained glass Window Stained Glass

We also had a look around the Merchants Chambers. Here are a couple of photographs of the stained glass windows from within the building.

Pat and Sarah Penman

Pat with photographer Sarah Penman - during the launch of Sarah's photography exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Sarah got in touch with Pat through this Website (Sarah lives in Minneapolis but originally comes from Grangemouth) to ask where she could exhibit her photographs - Pat put her in touch with the Kelvingrow Art Gallery. I recommend you check out Sarah's exhibition, 'Mending The Sacred Hoop - Images of Native America' still on show at the gallery.

Outside dining at Beanscene

Outside Bean Scene in Ashton Lane.

Thumbs up in the park In the Botanic Gardens we met the Gorevan family.

15th September 2001

Photo: Jill

Last Friday myself, Pat, John and Liam attended the launch of Sarah Penman's photography exhibition in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. The exhibition is called 'Mending the Sacred Hoop - Images of Native America' and it is well worth a visit. I had a chat with Jill - in the photograph above - who appears in one of Sarah's photographs. I think, if my memory serves me right - which as you know is unlikely - Jill is a member of the Lakota.


Sarah Penman lives in Minneapolis, USA - but originally comes from Grangemouth. Since 1988 Sarah has been documenting the lives of native Americans. She has won several awards for her work. In the photograph above Sarah the photographer is being photographed while other photographers wait in line.

Pat, John and Liam

Pat, John and Liam get caught in my flashlight.

Church Great Western Road

Here I am looking up at the spire of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral (by Sir George Gilbert Scott and John Oldrid Scott1871-84 with spire added in 1893). The last of the evening light warns the top of the spire.

Photo: Captains Rest Pub Captains Rest Pub

More photographs from the streets of the West End - this time the east end of Great Western Road. Pat mentioned to me that she had had an e-mail from a former Westender who used to spend quite a bit of time in the Captains Rest pub - so here are a couple of photographs to remind them of their stay.

Photo: All Our Yesterdays Shop

The images below are from recent walks around the Botanic Gardens.

Photo: Five Sitters

Photo: Echinicia


Photo: White Flowers Daisies

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Thank you for making such beuatiful photos available. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories of trips past.
--Hugh Mellon ( hmellon at sympatico dot ca ) from Canada on 23.1.2002; 6:11:29 Uhr

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