Glasgow West End: Jim's West End Photo Diary May 2000

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th May 2000

Wendy McLfeehan Russell Clark and Lesley Baxter

I took a walk down to the Grosvenor this morning to partake of my habitual Sunday breakfast in the West End. Today was a bit different though, Pat is over in Ireland for a few days so it was a solo trip.

Because it's difficult - in a busy place like the Grosvenor to have a table to yourself I had the good company of Lesley, Russell and Wendy. They said they where recovering from a party that they had been to the previous night. They looked a bit too darn healthy to me - If these young folk are going to enjoy themselves so much the least they could do is have the courtesy to have a hangover the next day. :-)

They promised to check the Web site out - so if you are reading this - I hope you like your pictures?

Fossil Grove building

Fossil Grove tree stumps

Later on in the day I took a trip to Victoria Park in Whiteinch to get some photographs of the Fossil Grove; the fossilised stumps of three million year old trees. I have written a little bit about The Fossil Grove in the Galleries section and needed some pictures to finish it off.

If you have never been to Victoria Park - or if you have not been for a while - I would recommend it - particularly the gardens in front off and behind the Fossil Grove building which are set within the steeply rising stone walls of the old quarry.

11th May 2000

Kibble Palace on a Spring Day

More sun the week before last brought the crowds out again - as you can see in the picture above. As usual I found myself ( and Pat and my mum and dad whom we met on Byres Road) wandering around the Botanic Gardens. We chatted with the folk selling paintings on the railings of Queen Margaret drive and then went for a coffee in AntiPasti on Byres Road. Altogether a pleasant afternoon.

Sheep and Campsies

Last weekend we spent some time outwith the West End ( surely not Jim!). On Saturday we drove up to Mugdoch park; me Pat, Eleanor and Eleanor's son Matthew. We took a walk along part of the West Highland Way. On the Sunday we ( myself and Pat) took a trip 'up the Crow Road' for a walk and a picnic on the hillside of the Campsies. I stopped to take this picture of the sheep with the hills in the background.

Iain Mackenzie

Pat was having West End withdrawal symptoms - so on the way home we stopped of at the North Star Cafe on Queen Margaret Drive for a coffee and a chat with Iain Mackenzie one of the owners. While Pat took notes I took photos. Iain was a professional photographer himself for a number of years so I was a bit apprehensive about taking his photograph. Looks like it turned out ok?

Below are some picture from May Day when we went to the Poetry day at the Botanic Gardens. The day was organised by poet in residence Gerry Loose ( below secod from left). Local poets Chris Dolan and Tom Leonard read some of their favourite poems in the setting of the Kibble Palace. Tom Leonard is pictured below left.

Tom Leonard

Poet Gerry Loose

Statue in Kibble

Sunset from Kelvingrove Park

1st May 2000

fish shop next to Roots and Fruits

The weather has been just amazing these last few days - sun, sun and more sun. Most of our daylight hours since Saturday have been spent walking around, visiting the parks, licking ice creams and enjoying the weather. I did take quite a few photographs, but they are in getting developed - I should get them back in a couple of days. Unfortunately there is no 'one hour developing' service available at the moment - the appearance of the sun has got the snappers out and the chemists and photography shops can't cope with the sudden demand on their services.

In the meantime here's a picture of the window of the fish shop next to Roots and Fruits on Great Western Road I took a couple of days ago. No particular reason why - other than that I just liked the look of it. I didn't take a note of the name of the shop, but I will get it as soon as I can. The other picture is of a Church in Hyndland near Great Western Road that I have had for a while but didn't post on the site because I never managed to get round to finding out the name of it. If you recognise it get in touch - otherwise I'll find out as soon as I can and put a name to it.

Church in Hyndland

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