Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: October 2003

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12th Octover 2003

Photo: Great Western Road.

I was asked by a friend the other day if I had been out taking 'autumn' photographs - and the truth is - I hadn't. So to rectify that particular failure on my part, yesterday morning I tried to capture on film, something of what was a crisp, cold, and bright, autumn morning.

The twin church spires on Great Western Road always provide a distinct West End image - the bright early morning sunshine just made it even more dramatic than usual.

Photo: Botanic Gardens Autumn.

And I had to take a walk through the Botanic Gardens; take note that there is no need to get there too early to be sure of a seat.

Photo: Autumn leaves.

Photo: Autumn leaves.

Photo: Sculpted roof.

This months mystery photograph is of somethign a little more modern than usual - it might be too easy - I'm not sure. Anyway the question is, where can this distinctive shape be found? Provide your answer by using the comment form at the bottom of this page. It's just a bit of fun, sorry not prizes - but you do get to feel smug and self-satisfied if you get it right. :-)

Photo: Athole Gardens street sign.

They don't make street signs like they used to. This carved sandstone sign for Athole Gardens is certainly more attractive than the modern plastic signs we know, and don't love.

Photo: Cast iron gate post.

Don't you just love a nice bit of cast-iron in the morning?

Photo: Tribeca restaurant.

The previous evening I had taken some photographs of Tribeca; the new restaurant on Dumbarton Road, near Partick Cross.

5th October 2003

Photo: University Avenue bus shelter.

I'm starting this months photo diary with a slightly surreal theme. On some days I wander around West End and I don't feel like taking any photographs. Other times, like this morning - everything I look at looks like a photograph - even the bus shelters; I spotted this one on University Avenue.

Photo: Hunterian Gallery roof.

I think this is the roof of the Glasgow University Library - or it might be the roof of the Hunterian Art Gallery. They are right next to each other; maybe it is a bit of both.

Photo: Stange brick wall.

The strange little wall on the side of a Great George St Town House has always intrigued me; who built it, what's it for?

Photo: Concrete wall.

There are days when even concrete looks photogenic.

Photo: Bonhams bar.

I see Bonhams on Byres Road has a nice new shiny sign.

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Hi Jim, I enjoyed your pictures. I live in Canada not too far from Toronto. One picture in particular caught my eye (the picture of the name plate for Athole Gardens). My maternal Grandmother, Jessie C WATSON born 1867 has this house listed has her address in her bible "Athole House, Uddingston". Needless to say I have more details so if you are interested in sharing this history, please feel free to contact me. As an aside, I also love photography. Sincerely, Merna Vella

Merna Vella | Wed Apr 18 2007

Hello Jim, Could you tell me if the Tribeca Restaurant in Partick is near where the Western Cinema used to be. I have been in Australia now for 34 years and I may not be right about the location. Patricia

Patricia (Pat) | Tue Aug 02 2005

You are absolutely correct, it is from a photograph of the new building in Cresswell Street. Well done. Thanks for taking the time to answer. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Sun Nov 02 2003

Mystery photo is one of the new builds in Cresswell Street, just above the coffee shop. The building at Victoria Cross (Highburgh Road, University Avenue and Byres Road) is very similar and I would not be surprised if I got my first guess wrong and this is indeed that building where the Estate Agents reside underneath!

T Wilson | Fri Oct 31 2003

Hi Pierre, I've been thinking for a while, about setting up a section on the site for people to post their photographs to - but just haven't got around to it yet. Send me your photos I'd be interested to see them - and I'll set up a page for them. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Fri Oct 31 2003

Hi Jim! Just found your website by chance, and it is absolutely fantastic! I lived in Clouston street back in 1994 and 1995. I was a French assistant and your pictures have just reminded me of things that I had forgotten. I think I have got pictures of the West End from that time, so if you are interested, please let me know.

Pierre Picard (from Paris,Fran | Tue Oct 28 2003

I enjoy your photos. These are pictures of life at its best.

Bailey | Wed Oct 15 2003

Cheers Jim. Amazed at the rate of development on the Clyde, so much can change in such a short time. Look forward to going for a wander if I ever make it back!

Kiran | Wed Oct 08 2003

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