Jim Glasgow West End Photography Diary - March 2009

We had a wee walk through the Kibble Palace today - and I took some photos of some of the statues - using my phone. For photographs taken with a phone these look pretty good to me.

Photo: Elf Statue in Botanic Gardens.

I really like this statue: The Elf; I photographed it many years ago in the old Kibble.

Photo: Elf Statue in Botanic Gardens.

Photo: Kibble Palace statues.

Photo: Botanic Gardens statues.

Photo: Botanic Gardens statues.

Some of the statues are under wraps and look a bit eerie.

Photo: Tulips Spring 2009.

Some Spring flowers in our living room


Hi, was reading through your blog and found some similarities between yourself and I,In having a sudden love of photography (i may have been reading an old part of the blog) Ive been out and about in Glasgow taking some photos on my compact digital camera but feel a bit of a twit attaching a tripod to it! I plan on getting a fancy SLR camera but not right now, price and all. Your photos are very good. Regards Ann

Ann | Wed Apr 08 2009

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