Jim's West End Photo Diary: July 2002

Jim's West End Photo Diary: July 2002

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Sunday 14th July 2002

Last week we went along to the opening of Nancy Smillie's new 'Full Circle' Gallery in Saltoun lane. Well done to Nancy and her team for creating a fantastic space for displaying the work of some wonderful artists and craftsmen/women.

Nancy welcomes guests to the opening of her new gallery.

And chats with some friends in the 'hidden' garden out-the-back of the gallery.

Even the people in the paintings were having a good time.

Below are some of our holiday photos; from Tossa De Mar in sunny Spain.

We spent just enough time in Lloret De Mar to have some lunch, and for Pat to do some research into where would be be going next.

One of the beaches at Tossa De Mar.

Tossa De Mar is a great place to go if you want a quiet relaxing holiday. The views are splendid, the mediaeval walled village remains unspoiled, and the weather is unquestionably Spanish - not Scottish. Should you want more action Barcelona is just over an hour away and you can visit other resorts by boat.

18th century buildings with their large wooden doors are still common throughout Tossa.

I like this picture of Pat - it's nice and colourful - and Pat is looking good.

A couple of divers taking a stroll on the beach at Tossa.

We took a bus ride to Barcelona for the day. I spotted this unusual door knocker as we stepped off the bus. The city has other highlights, apart from door knockers; I would recommend a visit.

There was no missing the architecture of Gaudi; this block of flats was just one example.

We took a break from the tourist bus to check out the newly developed walkways and shopping centre at the port and had some great tapas.

I have a selection of my photographs for sale in the Gallery Shop.


Sorry I've no idea where you could buy it - good luck. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Sun Jan 23 2005

Seen the visual that tou had taken of the 'hand of Fatima' door knocker. I'm looking for one for my front door. Any ideas where I can get one? Looking forward to your earliest response. Paul Josef Narloch T. 44 0208 767 7443

Paul Josef Narloch | Sat Jan 22 2005

The hand in the Barcelona picture is the hand of Fatima. Associated in Islam with healing powers of Fatima, Prophet's daughter, and therefore regarded as bringing luck. The hand of Fatima is favorite motif for pendants, door knockers, hinges, etc. in Morocco and all Maghreb and Middle East. Such door knocker is believed to guard people and buildings from bad luck. You should never buy one for yourself, a friend should do it for you. I lived in the West End for 25 years and still miss the nooks and crannied of Byres Road. I now live in Spain and have just bought my friend a H.o.F. for her new home and she will do the same for me in a couple of months. Apart from the story, it's such a beautiful shape. Cheers!

HEATHER | Sat Sep 04 2004

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