Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: March 2001

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30th March 2001

Glasgow University

I know it's a bit late in the day to be updating my March photo diary - but believe me - trying to find some time lately has just been impossible.

As you can see above I took a wander past Glasgow University's tower just when the clouds where looking good. I'm quite pleased the way that photograph has come out - despite the rather sloping walls.

St Patricks day in Ruthven Lane

Apologies to Christina Gray and her friends for taking so long to publish this picture on the site. This of course was taken in St Patricks day outside Jinty McGinty's in Ruthven lane - party, party, party, as they say.

Statue at back of Kelvinhall

At the back of the Kelvin hall there is a huge and imposing statue of three figures - the main figure is looking out toward Glasgow University - but this woman who is on the left if you are looking from outside the building is ignoring everything and just concentrating on her book. Must be a pretty good book because she has been reading if for about 100 years.

Spring in the Botanics

Spring is upon us - and the Botanic gardens are as usual looking good. This was an inspired bit of planting; the crocusess forming a circle round the base of this old tree.

17th March 2001

Pershire in the snow

The weekend before last we took a trip up to Blairgowrie - just to have a break for a couple of days and to do a bit of visiting. One of the folk we visited was Lesley Riddoch - who happens to live in a quaint old country cottage. Above you can see a picture I took from the road on the way up to Lesley's humble abode. As you can see it was a lovely day - bright but with the ground still covered in snow from the previous days fall.


And here is the local newsagent in Blairgowrie; very interesting architecture for a Scottish town I thought.

Purple Crocus

In the last few days we have had some pretty sunny weather - there is the feeling that spring is in the air. Every bit of green grass is covered with crocuses. Here are a few I snapped a few days ago. I liked this photograph so much I turned it into a picture for the desktop of my computer.

If you are a long time reader of my diary you will know I occasionally launch into a diatribe about my current thoughts on the subject of photography. So here are my the latest.

There are days in the last few weeks when I have been feeling pretty smug about my photographic endeavours. And why not? - I recently sold six of my pictures to an advertising agency and been asked to take some photographs for a local business. All this without actually making any effort to advertise myself as being a 'real' photographer. But as is the way with these things - just when you are feeling that you have got a handle on something you get a swift kick in the proverbials.

Being taken seriously as a photographer has had the effect of making me start to try to take my photography more seriously - goodness me I even bought an %18 gray card, with the idea that I would never take another badly exposed photograph again. Such nonsense has of course been my downfall - like an entire roll of film so badly exposed that there wasn't a usable shot on it. Pat will tell you - I wasn't Mister Happy when I got those photographs back from Snappy Snaps. Even the photograph of the grey card - which I took accidentally was over exposed by a least two stops ( what the hell is that all about!).

For those folk who don't know what I'm talking about - I apologise. For those who do - get in touch with your own stories of triumph and defeat in the wonderful world of photography.

7th March 2001

Bonhams bartender

Before we met my Mum, Dad and family for lunch last week we popped into Bonhams (in Byres Road) for a cup of tea and had a chat with the bartender Naz. A nicer person you couldn't meet (as they say). He also knew a bit about photography and cameras so we had a wee chat about that - and of course I took his photograph.

Wicker bag

Two coats

Continuing the theme from the end of last month; here are some photos from local shops taken for future shopping features by Pat. The photographs above - and the one directly below - where taken in Circa - which sells quality second hand and antiquarian clothes. Circa is located in the Mews half way down Ruthven Lane. The proprietor is Sheila Murdoch.Sheila's second hand clothing shops have been a favourite haunt of Pats for as long as I can remember. No photographs of Sheila I'm afraid; too shy.

Bag and hat

We also visited Annie Goods shop Moon and I took some photographs. Annie was not available for comment; down at the London fashion shows. At some point some or all of the pictures below will appear on the Moon Web page. I thought the first one below came out very well.

Shirt and bag


Black bag

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