Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: April 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th April 2003

Photo: Pat Byrne.

Pat and I visited the Botanics during the Orchid Fair. A main attraction was the work being created by the Embroiderers' Guild for the Maggie Centre at the Western Infirmary.

Photo: Maggie Centre fundraiser.

The idea for the beautiful textile piece, which you can see below, came from Malcolm Lochhead, it is made up of cylinders covered in beautiful Harris tweed containing pieces of paper on which people have written their hopes and dreams. A very novel fundraising scheme with an interesting artistic result.

Photo: Maggie Centre fundraiser.

Photo: Highburgh Road.

Highburgh Road, looking back towards Byres Roads.

Photo: Glass of water.

Bread, water and coffee - in closeup.

Photo: Pat at Art Fair.

Pat at the Glasgow Art Fair, in George Square.

Photo: Art Show flowers.

I like the flowers they had on the tables in the cafe - very colourful.

Photo: Bridge Coat of Arms.

Here is this months mystery photo - should be no mystery at all - probably the easiest one ever. Put your answer at the bottom of the page if you recognise it (it's just a bit of fun, sorry no prizes).

21st April 2003

Photo: Cirkis fashion.

A few weeks ago I was a fashion photographer for the day - taking photos for Scottish fashion designers Lisa and Steven of 'Cirkus'. Here are a few examples from the photo shoot. Unfortunately I can't recall the name of the model - which in case you are thinking otherwise - is not indicative of anything other than that I am useless at remembering names.

Photo: Cirkis fashion.

Photo: Cirkis fashion. Photo: Cirkis fashion.

4th April 2003

Photo: Statue.

The above scuplture is called 'Knowledge and Inspiration' (created 1957-60) and is by Walter Pritchard (1905-1977). It can be seen on the wall of the Modern Languages Building, University Gardens, Gilmorehill. More information about this and other Glasgow sculptures can be found at Glasgow - City of Sculpture.

Photo: Greek Thomson Chimney pots.

These elaborate chimney pots are designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, and can be found on the roof of Lilybank House; the house was enlarged by Thomson in the 1860s.

Photo: West End roof.

Having taken a photo of the chimney pots, I turned to my right and noticed this strange arrangement of angles made up by a wall and the roof of the connected building.

Photo: West End Door Bute Gardens.

There is a very attactive terrace near here - not sure what it's called - Bute Gardens? Anyway the door above and the stairway below are from this terrace.

Photo: West End Stairway.

Directly across Great George Street from the terrace described above is Cecil Street - a photograph of which you can see below.

Photo: Cecil street.

The weekend before last, we went for a drive into the countryside.

Photo: Clachan pub.

Photo: Pat in the forest.

And a wander off the road into a tranquil area of forest - as you can see from the photograph of Pat above - the weather was perfect.

Photo: Moss.

Photo: Tree fungus.

Photo: Deer.

Pat was first to spot this deer, which at one point was only about 10 yards away from us - I think that's the first deer I've ever seen 'in real life'.

Photo: Loch.

This is a shot of Loch Lomond near Rowardennan.

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Is that "Clachan" photo the one in Strachur ?
If so, a suggestion - the beer is better in the "Creggans" roud the lochside !
P.S. Love the photos
--David Speirs ( dave at daves-place dot freeserve dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 15.5.2003; 21:32:56 Uhr

Absolutely right Ben - it's a crest from the newly painted Kelvin bridge. Thanks for taking the time to provide your answer.

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 2.5.2003; 15:42:58 Uhr

Of course it's the Kelvinbridge, Great Western Road. Newly repainted too. Imagine my surprise to take a stroll across it on Easter Sunday and seeing a man inside the wee tent painting it (or whatever restoration they are doing). It made me wonder how these people can work on Easter Sunday when everything else shuts down? Hmm...
--Ben ( fudge62 at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 30.4.2003; 1:26:17 Uhr

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