Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: March 2002

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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20th March 2002

Photo: Great Western Road

I took a wander out early Sunday morning - the one before last - while the sleet was still coming down.

Photo: Ruthven Lane.

I could still see some snow on the roofs of the tenements in Ruthven Lane.

Photo: Moon.

I took this picture of Moon the fashionable clothes shop on the same morning as I was walking back onto Byres Road.

Photo: Coffee and pastry at Tinderbox.

Coffee and a pastry at Tinderbox.

Photo: Wooden seat

This is a picture from the day we were over at Overtoun - this is an interesting looking seat situated in the shade of some large trees at the front of Overtoun House.

9th March 2002

Photo: War Memorial

Last week I said goodbye to the Contax T2 camera I have bought with my 40th birthday money - I had hardly got a single decent photograph out of it - so I took it back. The Contax T2 was billed as a real top-of-the-range point and shoot camera, with it's titanium body and Carl Zeiss lens. Unfortunately the one I had was duff; the focusing system didn't work; the flash was hopeless; most photographs had a colour cast; and many were well exposed in the middle but dark around the edges. Maybe I just got a 'Friday' camera - which is just bad luck - but I'm afraid it has put me off ever buying any more Contax equipment.

They say a good workman doesn't blame his tools - but equally there is no point in using a kitchen knife to cut logs when you really need a bandsaw (what am I talking about now?). If the Contax was the kitchen knife my trusty old Canon T90 SLR is my bandsaw. Continuing the metaphor - with the money I got back from the Contax - I have invested in some new sharper blades for my well oiled cutting machine (whoa there Jim, you are taking this too far).

I have added a 200mm f2.8 Canon lens to my kit bag and I must say it has turned out to be a good buy - opening up even more opportunities to see the world differently. The first results of from my use of this lens are on this page. At the top of the page is a picture of the War memorial located outside the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

On another note, I would like to thank the person (sorry I can't remember his name) who served me at the camera shop Quigg's (7-11 Parnie St, Glasgow). I took the Contax camera back - four weeks after buying it - and explained the problems I had been having (I had example photographs with me). His attitude was first class; he was happy to take the camera back and let me chose equipment of equivalent value. Well done Quigg's - I thoroughly recommend them If you ever need to buy any camera equipment.

Photo: Old Car.

This classic old car is parked on the waste ground in Gibson Street. It's a lovely looking motor, which seems to be straining to cling on to the side of this slight incline.

Photo: Lion and Unicorn Staircase.

On to another of my favourite bits of theWest End; the Lion and Unicorn staircase at Glasgow University. This staircase came from the original Glasgow College which was located in Glasgow's High Street up until the 1870s. If my memory serves me right (unlikely) I think the staircase dates back to 1760.

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Just 20 yards walk from the staircase and I was looking down over the Kelvingrove Art Gallery - built from the proceeds of one of Glasgows' late 19th century International Exhibitions. Apparently it is soon to refurbished in a multi-million pounds scheme. I hope it retains some of it's character and the inside doesn't end up as the equivalent of the hardboard covered doors reminiscent of the sixties 'futuristic' streamlined look.

Photo: Byres Road.

Looking up Byres Road.

Photo: what is it?

For a while I have been thinking of adding a feature to this page - a competition. The competition works like this; I take a photograph of something in the West End but don't say where it is from. Interested individuals add a comment to the bottom of the page saying what it is, where it is, and what they know about it. Time to stop thinking about it and do it, so here is your first one; where did the photograph above come from?

Sorry, no prizes for this - it's just a bit of fun.

Photo: Overtoun house

A couple of weekends ago we took a run in the car over to Overtoun, situated in the Old Kilpatrick Hills overlooking the Clyde. Overtoun house is surrounded by miles of countryside - great if you like long walks.

I have a selection of my photographs for sale in the Gallery Shop.


Good pictures around the Glasgow area. I have absolutly no idea where your picture was taken.

For your interest take a look at our site www.overtounhouse.com for more information on what is going on at Overtoun House and Estate.
--Martin Ritchie ( overtounhouse at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 31.5.2002; 10:47:19 Uhr

No Jim, please keep it going, I really enjoyed the challenge. Unfortunately moving house and now staying away from the West End (sniff, sniff) I have not had the chance to come online to this site, but I will make up for it now.

Perhaps through time it will become known as Tom's challenge? If I am the only person to give it a go, but I think you'll find it will catch on - and it is your website after all, so its Jim's challenge.

So hurry up and get the next 'photie' up as Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted would say, "Go on, go on."
--Tom ( trw at minister dot com ) from Scotland - Where else? on 23.5.2002; 1:07:17 Uhr

Well done Tom, absolutely right. I had given up expecting an answer to my 'mystery photograph' competition, and decided to abandon the idea. But I think I'll reconsider, and look for another West End feature to photograph for this month.

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 22.5.2002; 14:57:52 Uhr

Mmmm...nearly got me with that picture, but a wild guess (ahem) I would say 99¨ure in fact, that the photograph, that is the mystery photograph is of the 'Royal Bank of Scotland Fountain in front of the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum.' Not long after it was operational, it stands empty and still like the Stewart Memorial Fountain across the way! Well am I right?
--Tom Wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from Scotland - Where else? on 22.5.2002; 0:17:31 Uhr