Jim Glasgow West End Photography Diary October 2008

Photos from gigs, trips around Scotland and Glasgow West End.

Photo: Fuschia Botanic Gardens Glasgow October 08.

Two tone fuchsia - The Botanics

Photo: Botanic Gardens.

Photo: Botanic Gardens.

The Botanics

Photo: Kibble Palace October 2008.

The Kibble Palace

Photo: Festival day.

Maryhill Bigman Festival

Photo: Big man and big dog.

Photo: Dancers at the Maryhill Lochs.

Bollywood boys at Maryhill Bigman Festival

Photo: Bollywood Dancers Maryhill.

Bollywood Dancers Maryhill Bigman Festival

Photo: Heart Buchanan.

Heart Buchanan Byres Road

Photo: Graham and Jim playing music.

Graham and Jim playing some music

Photo: Car in milkshake.

Ryan's car in his milkshake

Photo: The Hidden Lane.

The Hidden Lane

Photo: Stephanie Spindler Artist.

Stephanie Spindler

Photo: Photographer and Pat.

John Gilmour and Pat in The Hidden Lane

Photo: Bird cage in Hidden Lane Cafe Finnieston Glasgow.


Photo: Pat and David Byres Road.

Pat and David

Photo: Southern Tennant Folk Union at Brel, Ashton Lane.

Southern Tenant Folk Union at Brel

Photo: Ryan in car.

Ryan off to Tinderbox for breakfast

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