Photo Gallery for Glasgow West End

Photographs from Glasgow West End and across the world.

West End End 20th July 2008

Photo: Anniesland Cross.

The weather was beautiful this morning - so I took my camera when I went for a coffee - and took a few snaps. Here we have Anniesland Cross - and the railway bridge.

Photo: Great Western Road.

Looking west on Great Western Road.

Photo: Highburgh Road.

Highburgh road.

Photo: Tinderbox on Byers Road.

Tinderbox on Byres Road.

Photo: Tennants Bar and Glasgow University Tower.

Tennants bar with reflection of Glasgow University in window.

Photo: Loris playing at Nice 'n' Sleazy.

My band Loris played in Nice 'n' Sleazy last weekend. Pat took some photos.

Photo: Loris playing at Nice 'n' Sleazy.

Chris Marti Eran

Some photos from the songwriting workshop I attended in Italy.

Evening show

Italy 2008

Ready for village show

Show poster

Claire Chris



Claire Matt

Jim Athena


Marti Linda Vivian




Jan Layla

Horsey horsey


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