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My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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25th July 2004

Here are some photographs from the new 'River Festival' held on the banks of the Clyde last weekend.

Photo: Boats racing on Clyde.

Photo: Clyde River Festival.

Photo: Bridge over the Clyde.

Photo: Boats in the Clyde harbour.

Photo: Art on sale in Clyde walkway.

Photo: Boat on Clyde at River Festival.

17th July 2004

Photo: Pat, Anne, Danny, at the Scottish Open.

We went to see the Scottish Open Golf Championship last weekend, up at Loch Lomond. It was a good day out; we didn't see an awful lot of golf, but enjoyed ourselves none-the-less. In the photo above you can see Pat, Pat's brother Danny and his wife Anne.

Of those players we did watch, I was particulary impressed by Edwardo Romero; he made the game look extremely easy.

Photo: Scottish Open at Loch Lomond.

Photo: Scottish Open Hospitality area.

There is no need to tire yourself out, by walking around the course, when you can get everything you need by staying in the hospitality area. :-)

Photo: Golfer Lee Westwood.

I spotted World class golfer Lee Westwood signing autographs after his round.

Photo: Hunterian Gallery - new sign.

Back in the West End, I noticed that the Hunterian has tarted up the sign just at the entrance to the Gallery; kind of sculputural in a modern concrete kind of way.

Photo: Scooter inside Tinderbox.

Looking out from within Tinderbox, the coffee shop on Byres Road.

Photo: Seats in Glasgow University Gardens.

I like these 'arty looking' seats that are situated on the grassy area next to the Glasgow University Reading Room.

Photo: West End Gatepost.

Here is your mystery photograph for this month; where can you find these distinctive gateposts? It is just a bit of fun - no prizes I'm sorry to say. Add your answer as a comment at the bottom of the page.

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God bless any child in this world and beyond

Zarra Ock | Tue Jan 09 2007

Sorry to leave you hanging - but yes that is correct. Well done. Allthe best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Thu Oct 07 2004

July Mystery Photograph I see you didn't say if "Westender" was correct in thinking that this was Florentine House. I'm inclined to agree. Please put us out of our misery! With thanks.

dorothy | Thu Oct 07 2004

very interesting page, congratulations.

asiaticas desnudas | Sun Sep 19 2004

I believe this is the gateway into what was in my day the Dept of Theatre, Film & TV Studies at the university - beside the Hub and across the road from the entrance to the uni library. No idea what dept's in there now, but isn't the building called Florentine House? I think I may be a bit late with this entry!

westender | Tue Aug 10 2004

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