Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary October 2012

Ducks, ducks, ducks at Safari Park

We recently had a trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park where we saw Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Deer - and ducks!

Rhinos at Blairdrummond Safarie Park

Tigers at the Safari Park

Elephants at the Safari Park

Deer at Blairdrommond Safari Park

Lions at the Safari Park

Back in the West End, the late Autumn sun creates great photos.

Great Western Road, Glasgow West End

And there's somethign about this photo I like. Man outside Louis Vuitton in Edinburgh.

Lois Vutton, Edinburgh

We went along to see Richard Hawley at the Barrowlands a few weeks ago. it was a fantastic gig; best ever I think. We were right up front - only feet away from all the action.

Richard Hawley at the Barrowlands

Richard Hawley at the Barrowlands

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