Glasgow West End: Jim's West End photo diary October 1999

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I have been wanting to have a look at (and take a picture of) the Sunlight Cottages for a while because they have been mentioned in so many of the books I have read over the last couple of months - and no picture was ever provided. The cottages where constructed as part of Glasgow's 1901 exhibition in Kelvingrove Park. They are an exact replica of cottages constructed by the Lever brothers for their workers.

You can find them by walking about 150 yards up the hill from the Dunbarton Road entrance to Glasgow University - that's the entrance right next to the one for the hospital.

The Sunlight Cottages

While out I took a picture of the Kelvin Hall, another landmark building in the West End. It is now an international sports venue with an indoor track, table tennis, badminton course and many other facilities.

Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena

I have always thought these statues - situated in Kelvingrove Park at the bridge over the Kelvin - looked very striking. I think I read somewhere that they where damaged during the war ( first/second?) and had to be reconstructed. If you know the story get in touch.

Statue on bridge across the Kelvin

Took this picture a good few weeks ago. It is the Unicorn on the staircase currently situated in the courtyard of the main Glasgow University building. This staircase which dates back to the 17th century is from the original university buildings which were located in High street.

17th Century Unicorn from Glasgow University Staircase

Here is a view from within the Botanic Gardens looking out towards the top of Byres Road. Autumn was just starting to change the colour of the leaves on some of the trees.

Looking north from the Botanic Gardens

The 'Park' area is distinguished by the set of spires which can be seen from various vantage points throughout the city.

Landmark spires at Park Circus

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I've lived in Glasgow for a year as I had a job as French Assistant in three Secondary Schools (from August 97 to June98). I really loved it! The year I spend in Glasgow was the best in my life. I am very happy to have found your site, which is very interesting. I was pleased to see pictures of places I know so well,though it makes me feel blue...Keep adding new photos and news about the City's cultural life.
--Virginie Roume ( vroume at voila dot fr ) from France on 25.5.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr