Jim Glasgow West End Photography Diary February 2006

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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19th February

Photo: Bike on roof of car.

I visited B&Q in Clydebank on Saturday, to buy a set of step ladders. I took some snaps in the car park.

Photo: Shopping Trolleys.

Photo: The Sky.

This is what the sky looked like above B&Q.

Photo: Kibble Palace rebuild.

The Kibble Palace is being re-constructed at the moment. I took this on a rather miserable day, while peering through the perspex viewing portals in the fence that surrounds the building site.

Photo: The Botanic Gardens.

Photo: Andy and Suzanne.

While in the park I met Andy, Susanne, Alice and Rae. It was good to have a natter.

Photo: Botanic Gardens bench.

Photo: Aloe vera.

Photo: Amarylis.

Photo: Lost glove on park bench.

I hope the person who lost this glove managed to find it again.

Photo: Main glasshouse ceiling.

Photo: Glasgow Street.

Walking up Glasgow Street on a rare sunny day.

Photo: Shadow on the road.

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