Jim's West End Photo Diary: December 2001

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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21st December 2001

Bookstore crash.

Crashed taxi.

I was walking up Bank Street last Saturday morning and came across this unfortunate crash. The taxi had apparently glanced off another car and crashed straight through the window of the Gillmorehill bookshop. I don't think anyone was hurt - I didn't see an ambulance or much in the way of panic - but perhaps all that had happened before I came on the scene.

I hope the bookshop gets patched up and re-opens soon.

View from London train. View from London train.

View from London train. View from London train.

Last week we travelled down to London to attend the funeral of Pat's friend Mary McGoldrick - it was a sad occassion. The church service was very nice, and Theresa - Mary's sister - made a very moving speech. Afterwards everyone did their best to celebrate Mary's life - there was a lot to celebrate Mary had led a very full and accomplished life.

Getting down to London was a bit of an adventure. We had expected to fly down - but we arrive at the airport to find that all Easyjet flights had been cancelled due to fog at Luton. We eventually went by train - which to compound or bad luck with the transport - arrived 1 hour and 40minutes late (due to cattle on the track apparently). The entire journey from leaving the house in the morning till getting to our destination in the evening took 12 hours.

Above you can see some photographs I took from the train window. One consolation was that it was a beautiful day.

Pat on train.

Here is Pat sitting on the train.

Vodka Wodka.

The famous Grosvenor Cafe has disappeared and been replace with this new bar called Vodka Wodka.

Roses in vase

A picture of some roses sitting on a table in the Living room.

3rd December 2001

Tenement Close

We live in a Tenement building in Glasgow Street. Apparently Glasgow Street was the first Street in Hillhead - can't remember where I read that but I clearly remember it as a fact. Here is a picture of what I see when I come out of my front door, turn right and start to walk down the stairs of the 'Close'.

Corner of Bank St and Great Western Road

When going to work most mornings I take the underground from Kelvinbridge - passing Bank Street and Caledonian Mansions on my way. This is the view I get every morning looking East towards the city centre.

Street Sign: School

Street Sign: Stop

Had a sudden notion to photograph some street signs. One thing that I always notice when I am in a foreign environment is the street furniture and the street signs - which always help to define the look of the place. These are normal street signs to me - but if you are looking at them from your home in India or Canada you might be thinking - 'strange looking signs'.

Shops at Hyndland Road

Hyndland Road Terrace

A few pictures from a walk up Hyndland Road.

New Building at Kirklee

And the new building at the corner of Kirklee and Great Western road. This building replaces the landmark structure of the old wooden 'hut' that was Kirklee Post Office.


That's me in the picture; a barely visible reflection in our living room mirror.

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Love your photos. of the West end as it holds a lot of memories for me both happy & sad .
--Anne ( annaburke35 at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 24.11.2002; 18:16:46 Uhr

Aaarrrgghh!!! I cannot BELIEVE the Grosvenor Cafe has been closed down! What is the world coming to? (Your website's pure dead brilliant by the way - only trouble is, I'm now thoroughly homesick.)
--Lesley ( sandytoes at sahara dot com dot sa ) from Saudi Arabia on 11.6.2002; 9:48:01 Uhr

Hi, I really like all the pictures put up. I lived in Glasgow for 3 years when my parents went there to study and I went to hillhead Primary. Could you take a few shots of Hillhead Primary for me and maybe a class presently in 7A? okay, maybe that's too much to ask. but could you try? Thanks, Sarah
--Sarah ( lee_meixia at hotmail dot com ) from Singapore on 9.1.2002; 14:16:50 Uhr

Thanks for the comments Michelle, Send me your photos - and I'll feature them on my diary. All the best, Jim
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from Scotland on 7.12.2001; 19:34:25 Uhr

Jim, Your pictures are amazing. I am doing an architectural research report on the University of Glasgow and some of your photos will be helpful. Unfortunatly the day I visited the University it rained. I have a few lovely shots arounf the west end that if you like I scan for you when returning to the US. Michelle
--Michelle from England, USA is home on 7.12.2001; 17:59:25 Uhr