Jim's West End Photo Diary February 2002

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17th February 2002

Photo: Yellow Orchid

I spotted these amazing Orchids while I wandered around the Main Range glass house in the Botanic Gardens - rather nice.

Photo: Ruthven Lane

A photo of Ruthven Lane looking back onto Byres Road. I quite like the abstract pattern created by the positions and 'layering' of the buildings. I took the photo in colour but it looked better in black and white - so I changed it using my computer.

Photo: Cat on Wall

Here is the famous cat sculpture embedded within the back wall in Ruthven Lane. I don't know what the history of it is - anyone got any ideas?

Photo: West End Friends

On Monday I went along to the launch of 'The Friends of the West End Festival'. Several local celebrities turned up to help with the launch - and as you can see above - were photographed with the hope of some publicity in the press.

I learned something new about my Canon T90 camera. When using the flash, in a dark environment, almost every shot is over exposed to the point of being useless. That is despite the fact that I bought the flash unit that was built for the camera.

13th February 2002

Photo: Delizique

A bit sparse with the photographs lately. A combination of grey skies, busy days and disappoining results from my new Contax T2 camera have made for few decent prints.

Above is a photo of Dalizique the relatively new Deli in Partick that Pat popped into for some deli type things. The decor and the building are nice - but the people behind the counter were a bit glum the day we visited.

Photo: Corner of Byres Road

In the photograph above I am looking across at the corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road. The rain has just given way to bright sunshine.

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