Photography: Jim's West End Photo Diary: October 2005

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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30th October 2005

Photo: Halloween Mystery Photo.

Return of the mystery photograph competition. As this is Halloween I was happy when I spotted this scene on my walk this evening - as it seems so in keeping with the date. Where and what is it? Add your answers as a comment at the foot of the page. No prizes unfortunately - just the satisfaction of getting it right.

Photo: Ashton Lane Beer Festival.

I passed Ashton Lane earlier this evening and took this photo. Pat informed me - that this is the beer festival.

Photo: Autumn Leaves Kelvingrove Park.

Photo: Glasgow Trams in Transport Museum.

Photo: Glasgow Prams in Transport Museum.

Glasgow Trams and Glasgow Prams in the Transport Museum.

Photo: Puddle quiz.

A bonus mystery photograph for anyone who found the one above difficult. I'm sure you will find this one easy.

October 10th 2205

Photo: Kirklee Allotment views.

A few photos from my visit to the Allotment at the weekend.

Photo: Kirklee Allotment views: plot 103.

Photo: Kirklee Allotment views: broken fork.

Photo: Byres Road.

A wet and windy Byres Road.

Photo: Byres Road.

Photo: Shoes hung on telephone wire.

Photo: Naked soup coffee shop.

Photo: Kember Jones cafe.

October 1st

Some more photographs from our trip to Canada.

Photo: Toronto skyline.

Photo: Toronto sky.

Photo: Pat and Catherine in Toronto.

Photo: Toronto skyline.

Photo: Toronto Film Festival.

Photo: Bikers stop.

Photo: China town.

Photo: Pat, Catherine, Allister in Toronto.

Photo: Flower pot on the deck.

Photo: Shops in Toronto.

Photo: Hotel mirror and flowers.

Photo: Pat and friends at party.

Photo: Waiter in Little Italy cafe.


You are right. I should have been paying more attention when I read your first comment. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Thu Dec 15 2005

Actually Jim I'm not correct - I have just realised masel tonite that I'm pretty sure that I've got it all mixed up. The statue is not Lister: it is of course Lord Kelvin - I always get those two statues mixed up. It's Kelvin who is peering sternly downwards with his traffic cone bunnet. It's Lister who peers towards Kelvingrove gallery! So: Kelvin, peering down, is the one with the traffic cone. Am I right or am I right??

westender | Mon Dec 05 2005

Absolutely correct on both counts. Well done. :-) Sorry I have no prizes - a dinner in Acanthus does sound nice. All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Wed Nov 30 2005

Hi Jim. Mystery photies: The silhouette is the statue of Lister across from the bandstand with his newly-acquired traffic cone headgear; and the puddle is, I'm pretty sure, the old footbridge across the Kelvin linking the two sides of the river, just beside the traffic lights at the Kelvin Hall - and that's one of the globes on top of a Kelvin Hall turret that's being reflected... am I right or am I right?? Keep up the good work - and gie's a prize - dinner for two at Acanthus would be nice!! ;o)

westender | Tue Nov 29 2005

Bonus mystery looks like the fountain in Kelvingrove Park to me? Keep up the good work!! Al

Al | Sun Nov 06 2005

I stumbled across this site this evening and as a West Ender I really like what I see. Please keep it up Paul

Paul Duffy | Sun Oct 23 2005

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