Jim's Glasgow West End photo diary - January 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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18th Jan 2003

Photo: Grand Canal.

Some photographs from our short break in Venice - which came and went all too quickly. What a place! - I was struck by the distinctive 'Venetian Gothic' architecture, the abundance of artistic treasures and last but not least the incredibly cold weather. I didn't know much about the Venetian painter Tintoretto before going to Venice, but by the time I came back I felt as if I knew the man like he was my next door neighbour. We visited the Scuola di San Rocco to see his series of paintings depicting the life of Christ - and came away quite convinced of his genius.

Photo: Gondola in Venice.

And of course the Gondola was very much in evidence.

Photo: Gondola builders.

This is the workshop of the workers who build the Gondolas - their sheds are very different from the rest of the Venetian architecture - apparently reflecting the style of area where the first boat builders came from.

Photo: Lions in St Marks Square.

Two lions guarding one entrance to St Marks Square.

Photo: Pat in Venice.

Here's Pat attempting to edge ever closer to the shops -only kidding. :-)

Photo: Venice fishmarket.

A picture of part of the old fishmarket.

Photo: Venice bridge.

The Rialto Bridge dates from the late 16th century; the most distinctive bridge across the Grand Canal.

Photo: Grand Canal evening.

Photo: Gondola.

Photo: Venice canal.

Photo: Radio Maria.

A distinctive poster for Radio Maria - it is nice to see radio being used by organisations that are not commercial or state run.

Photo: Pat at Peggy gallery.

We visited the Peggy Guggenheim art gallery, here is Pat on the terrace of the Casa, which is built on the banks of the Grand Canal. The gallery has a lovely feel to it - this is no surprise as it was Peggy Guggenheim's home - and the personality of it's owner is still evident.

5 January 2003

Photo: Kelvinbridge.

Here is a curious bunch of photographs to start off this new year. Above we have a familiar view of the Kelvinbridge, and the church spires beyond. I took this photograph this morning - and I can tell you - it was very cold at the time.

Photo: Tree trunk.

A dark and imposing tree in the Botanic Gardens. The ground is bare for about 10 yards every side of this tree - do you think all the other plants are scared of it?

Photo: Staircase image.

Photo: Sandstone post.

If I asked, where did I take the two photographs above - would that be too hard a question?

Photo: Sandstone abstract shape.

If you like sandstone, then the West End is the place for you??? That last rather abstract photograph is of a small part of the Kelvinbridge - with a little moss and frost to add some interest.

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J S Browning - the mystery photograph is indeed the 'Lion and Unicorn' staircase in Professors Square, Glasgow University.

Thanks for you contribution.

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 27.4.2003; 0:33:09 Uhr

A long-distance attempt to solve January's mystery photographs: a fellow fan of your website was kind enough to check my guess for me and confirms that these are details from what I know as the 'Lion and Unicorn Staircase' at the University, although there may be a more widely accepted and more correct description of it. Keep the interesting photos (including the mystery items) coming please.
--J S Browning ( jsbrowning at yahoo dot com ) from Canada on 24.4.2003; 23:36:22 Uhr

Hi Jim!

Just looking through your site for the hundredth time this month! You have one of the most amazing sites representing Glasgow I have ever seen... thank you for providing so much pleasure!
--Jamie Henderson ( jamieinmontreal at hotmail dot com ) from Canada on 1.2.2003; 15:47:12 Uhr

Thanks for the nice comments mum.
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 24.1.2003; 14:46:01 Uhr

I think your photos of Venice are fantastic - also the ones of the view along Great Western Road and the stuff from the Botanics. But then I have to confess I am biased.
--Christina Byrne ( Christina dot Byrne at lycos dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 24.1.2003; 2:10:20 Uhr