Jim's West End Photo Diary May 2001

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14th May 2001

Botanic Gardens Garage

As usual I am struggling to find the time to fit everything in. I scanned these photographs in on the 14th of May and now it's the 24th and I'm just getting round to writing some text.

The above photograph was taken while out on a mission to take a suitable picture for a postcard to advertise the new Web site for the friends of the West End. I had a chat with Gordon Urquart about what sort of picture might be a suitable subject - got some good advice - and took a few snaps. The one above is not 'the chosen one' - but I still like it. I was going to post the winner here but decided that that might be bad manners - so you will just have to wait until the postcard is printed.

Tulips at the Kibble Palace

The weather has been quite amazing lately - lots of sunshine and hot days - and I can't resist taking photographs when the weather is like this. I liked this picture - so I have printed it off, put it in a frame and it is now hanging on the wall in our living room.


I think this is a Camelia - but tell me if I am wrong.

Update: Lynne Scobbie got in touch to put me right - it is Magnolia not a Camelia. Well they both end in 'lia' so I was close. :-)

Yellow Tulips

And here are some yellow tulips.

Things haven't all been going great on the photography front. I met a friend of mine Mick Hart a couple of weeks ago and told him a long story to illustrate just how bad my memory seems to be getting these days (you wouldn't find it interesting, it was about my car insurance). I then took some pictures of Mick - but - as is the way with these things - I had forgotten to put more film in the camera. I had just put the previous film in to get developed. Mick if you are reading this - I am sorry I'll come and take your picture again.

May 7th 2001

Passion Flower

This month I am obsessed with new beginnings; spring growth, freshly opened flowers, newly born leaves and plants responding to the spring sunshine.

'He's definitely gone soft in the head' I hear you say. And most likely you would be right. It might be due to the fact that the last few weeks have been as busy as it is possible to be - and as a result I have just 'lost the place'. Or it might be the arrival of the sunshine - which we have had lots of lately here in the West End of Glasgow.


Red Flower

Pink Orchids

Myself, my mum and dad and Pat, had a wander around the Orchid fair in the Kibble Palace a couple of weekends ago. I felt an obligation to take a picture - so here's one of a nice pink orchid.

Lynne Scobbie and friend

Local artists Lynne Scobie and Frank Houston had an exhibition of their paintings in the Botanics Visitors Centre - by all accounts a great success. In the picture above Lynne (on the left) with her friend Linda Houston.

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