Photography Gallery Glasgow West End: Jim's Diary: April 2005

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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You can take any image from my diary for your own use as long as you provide a link back to this site, and follow these simple terms and conditions. You can also purchase a selection of my Photographs from the Gallery Shop.

30th April 2005

Photo: Cherry Tree Blossom.

Photo: Tenement Scaffold.

Photo: Booly Mardy's.

Last night we went along to the launch of the West End Fesitval Brochure - and met a few friends, including photographer Martin Gray and local artist Lynne Scobbie below (sorry I can't remember the girl in the middle's name - was it Amanda?).

Photo: Martin and Lynn at West End Festival Launch.

Here is Pat and Jess Fitzgerald - Jess does our 'What's On' - this site.

Photo: Pat and Jess at West End Festival Launch.

16th April 2005

Photo: Name plate.

I took photos last week for Judith Kenny (Judith kenny Jewellery) - here are some I liked best. Judith is a talented Jewellery designer - and a nice person.

Photo: Chip fork.

Photo: Tiarra.

Photo: Brooch.

Photo: Blue necklace.

Photo: Choker.

Photo: Green cross.

3rd April 2005

Photo: St Georges Street.

As I wandered around this afternoon I took photographs of bits of the West End.

Photo: West End Lane.

Photo: Three windows in a row.

Photo: Stone in wall.

Photo: Small window and downpipe.

Photo: Bricked up window.

Photo: Cracked cement.


Rikki, I really disagree - I reckon Jim's pictures are great... as for the mystery element, can you name where each and every picture from above is? He does a good job, for free, so we should allow him to be creative in whatever way he wants - thought provoking abstract has to better than staid portraiture!

David O'Neil | Sun Jul 24 2005

Sorry to appear negative, but I have been thinking for a wee while that your photo gallery is running out of steam. Please don't be offended, but there is only so much that you can photograph of the West End and I think this month (April) has to be the poorest contribution so far. I am an ardent fan of this site and I do appreciate the more abstract art, but these recent pictures have not delivered the almost Bohemian essence of my beloved West End. Also where is the 'guess what or where this is' caption gone? I used to spend hours pouring over this! Rikki

Rikki Hamilton | Thu Apr 28 2005

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