Jim's West End photo diary: February 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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27th February 2003

Photo: Downahill.

Photo: Downahill.

A few photographs from a recent wander around the streets of Dowanhill. The terraces around this area, built from the 1870s onwards, look fantastic - in an elegant and understated way. Local artist Alan Richardson alerted me to the fact that the curved terrace shown above no longer had it's usual 'screen' of trees and bushes, as they had been removed due to building work.

Photo: West End Bar.

The sign outside West End Bar on Byres Road.

Photo: Kibble Palace Statues.

One more photograph of the statues in the Kibble Palace.

Photo: Byres Road Flats.

The flats on Byres Road above Safeway, from this angle, on a nice sunny day, form an unusual looking jaggedy abstract shape.

Photo: Victoria Cross.

Why is this building got Victoria Cross written at the top of it?

Photo: Biscotti.

I'll have some of those Biscotti buscuits with my cappuccino please. :-) Here's a tip for you; don't bite into these buscuits before first dipping them into your coffee - they are rock hard.

10th February 2003

Photo: Church doors.

Easy-peasy competition for this month; can you tell me where I took the above picture? Add your answer as a comment to the bottom of the page. No prizes, just a bit of fun.

Photo: Catrina Cruickshank.

On Sunday we took a trip down to Little Italy on Byres road to meet graphic designer Catrina Cruickshank - that's Catrina in the picture above. Myself, Pat and Catrina had a good chat, and sipped our excellent hot coffee, as the rain poured down outside.

While we were in Little Italy we discovered that Jamie Clark was a winner of the Delifrance's European Sandwich Challenge; here is Jamie and the owner of Little Italy Remo, with the trophy.

Photo: Little Italy win sandwich challenge.

We also popped in to See Liz McElvie at the Studio to get some photos to update the page about the shop.

Photo: Glasgow style plate.

Photo: Glasgow style mirror.

Photo: Glasgow style tile.

Liz has some nice framed tiles, like the one above - I couldn't resist taking a few photos.

3rd February 2003

Photo: Venice evening.

It's goodbye to Venice and hello to the wet and windy Glasgow West End. I usually tell visitors that the West End of Glasgow has its own micro climate - and that it is always sunny. Sadly with the recent snow, rain, sleet and freezing conditions it has been difficult to keep this particular fantasy alive.

Photo: University Avenue.

This month I'm starting the diary with some early morning street scenes - nothing arty - just wandering around and taking snaps. Above is a photograph of University Avenue taken on Saturday morning when the sun was low in the sky - not that it ever gets that high at this time of the year.

Photo: Otago Studios.

The unusual old wooden building on Otago Street. I took this photograph because I like the colours of the doors and windows - strong sunshine was flooding in from the left - giving it a bright and shiny look.

Photo: Bank St. and Gibson St..

Photo: Hillhead St..

Above you can see the corner of Bank Street and Gibson Street and below that Hillhead Street looking towards Glasgow University.

Photo: Botanic Gardens.

Early Sunday morning in The Botanic Gardens - before the city wakes up.

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Just stumbled onto your site - I came from Bryes Road - If you are on Dumbarton Road take a snap I'd love to see how much it ha changed. I really enjoyed the site.
--Aileen ( Thomas_Mcleod at telus dot net ) from Canada on 16.3.2003; 7:14:24 Uhr

Phew! You have to have a bit of bottle to put your name to something described as " easy peasy " in case you get it wrong!!! Your photographs are just amazing. Many thanks again.
--Dorothy Easson ( dorothy at easson dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 10.3.2003; 0:43:48 Uhr

Absolutely right Dorothy. Thanks for taking the time to put a name to this months mystery picture.
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 9.3.2003; 19:29:01 Uhr

The blue doors belong to Kelvinside/Hillhead Parish Church.
--Dorothy Easson ( dorothy at easson dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 8.3.2003; 0:47:50 Uhr

The building with Victori Cross always interest me, as so many people pass it by without noticing its there.

Why Victoria Cross?

Many years ago, Ashton Road, Dowanhill Street and Byres Road all converged at that point and the continuation of Byres Road was Victoria Road, but when Queen's Park in Glasgow's Southside was firmly established, the honour for Queen Victoria was to have a road named after her. They took it from the West End and Victoria Street became the continuation of Byres Road.

I am not aware how accurate or mythical this story is, but I read it somewhere on a Website and in a book about Glasgow many years ago. I believe it to be true, but I am also aware that Victoria is used elsewhere quite frequently in Glasgow. Victoria Park (Whiteinch) Victoria Park Drive, Street and Infirmary to name but a few.

If only we would look up from time to time, it is amazing what stories we can learn from a building about our history and heritage!
--Tom Wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from Scotland where else! on 4.3.2003; 1:04:13 Uhr

You asked where the photograph was taken?

I guess it was taken outside! Somewhere in the West End! I am 100¨ure, I know the answer but I will not enter this time and let someone else put in their pennies worth. Just couldn't resist being cheeky! Nice pics this month too!
--T Wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from Scotland of Course! on 21.2.2003; 0:50:00 Uhr