Jim Glasgow West End Photography Diary - April 2009

Photo: Ryan at Portobello.

Ryan at Portobello Beach

Photo: Pat, Ryan and Nicola at Portobello beach.

Pat, Nicola and Ryan

Photo: Boys at the seaside.

Andrew and Logan

Photo: Nicola in the sea.

Nicola with wee brother Andrew. She couldn't resist getting her toes wet - and her skirt.

Photo: Nicola April 09.


Photo: Logan.

Logan and Vinnie

Photo: Spill the beans cafe.

Photo: Spill the beans cafe window.

Spill the Beans Cafe in Dunkeld

Photo: Leather bike saddle.

Lesather saddle

Photo: Old bike.

Old bike outside a shop in Dunkeld

Photo: Weterbury Hotel.

The Waterbury Guesthouse, Birnam

Photo: Kelvin Court Great Western Road.

Photo: Kelvin Court Great Western Road.

Kelvin Court Great Western Road

Photo: Swans at Pond Hotel.

Swans at Bingham's Pond

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