Jim's West End Photo Diary: June 2001

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23rd June

Photo: Red Poppy Photo: Nasturtium

A couple of flower photographs to start off with - on the left, a poppy from Kelvingrove Park backlit by the evening light.

Photo: Buda statue Photo: The thinker

We took a trip over to the Burrell Collection a couple of weeks ago. I've visited it once in the past and my memory of it was that it was a bit boring - too many old pots and pans for my liking. This time we managed to find the paintings - and they turned out to be well worth viewing. There is a self portrait of Rembrandt as a young man that must be seen as well as paintings by Degas, and other 'big' names.

There are some pretty famous statues on display as well - above you can see 'The Thinker' by Rodin.

Statue over Kelvin

Above is a detail from one of the statues on the bridge across the Kelvin in Kelvingrove Park. Mandolins are the 'in' instrument these days - this lady knew they would come back into fashion some day.

Photo: Goldfish

Goldfish from the Kibble Palace pond.

Photo: Pinks

Some Pinks for Pat.

5th June 2001

Letter box in Professors Square

As Pat will tell you (if you asked her) that I like to go for a walk in the evening - it helps to clear the head. Sometimes I wander through Professors Square at Glasgow University - which is where I spotted this interesting arrangement of Postbox, tulips and street light. Pat said she liked the picture so I thought I'd add it to the diary.

View from Glasgow University Tower

I had an interesting trip up to the top of Glasgow University Tower last week - on a mission to take a photograph for The Friends of Glasgow West End (which I happen to be a member of). I enjoyed the experience. It took a bit longer to get to the top than I thought - via a narrow winding staircase - but it was worth it; the views are great.

Although it was a very bright day there was a bit of a haze accross the city which made it less than ideal for photography. But given that you don't get many chances to take photographs from the top of the West End's most well know landmark I tried to make the most of it.

Glasgow University Tower Turret Top of Glasgow University Tower

These spiky bits at the to of the tower may look small from the ground but as you can see once you are next to them they are pretty substancial chunks of sandstone.

Photo: Joe Connolly

My escort up to the top of the Tower was Joe Connolly from the University's Chemistry Department. Thanks Joe, I appreciate you taking the time out.

City Inn

A couple of weeks ago myself, Pat and her two sons John and Michael took a trip down to the City Inn - which is situated right on the Clyde - for a coffee and a chat. As you can see - the sun always shines in the West End of Glasgow. Having said that I am not sure if Finnieston is considered the West End.

Nardini Cafe

Pat and I visited Largs a few weeks back - when the weather was sunny - and had fantastic ice cream in Nardini's. A bit of an institution on the Ayrshire Coast.

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Nardini's that great Ayrshire Institution of overpricing, over-rated and overall living on a name! You would always be better to try somewhere in the West End of Glasgow! Jack McPhie, University Cafe (sadly going downhill compared to my memories of the past!) Or Little Italy and my favourite the Grosvenor Cafe. At this point does anyone remember the Garden Cafe where part of that shop is now the Nationwide Building Society? I know there was a cafe/bar/nightclub at the Botanic Railway Station, but there was one other cafe in Byres Road, near to Observatory Road, Clarks shoe shop may occupy the space it once held! Can anyone remember the name of it? The above opinions on the Cafes are my own, whilst I understand others may disagee - there is no offence meant to any proprietor!
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