Glasgow West End Photography diary: August 2010

We were invited to the launch of a new restaurant last night; Zizzi's. Recent graduates from Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art were drawing on the walls - adding interest to the evening; kind of live action decor. I took some photos.

Photo: Artists in Zizzi's.

Photo: The bar at Zizzi restaurant.

Photo: Artist at work in Zizzi.

Photo: Teh Zizzi kitchen.

Photo: Eating at Zizzi Glasgow West End.

Photo: Artwork on the walls of Zizzi restaurant.

Photo: A table at Zizzi's.

Photo: Trees in Zizzi restaurant.

Daniel Robert Culpin, graduate in photography, was busy filming a video

Photo: Videoing the launch of Zizzi.

Nicola Bruce, Design Manager chatting to artist, Katy Thomson

Photo: Restaurant manager Zizzi's.

Photo: Man who took the video.

Photo: Zizzi's restaurant.